Fluffy Links – Wednesday January 9th 2008

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Check out the Irish Family History blog.

Want to try some of my Dirty Chai?

Via Value Ireland, the chair of the quango-loving and mostly clueless Consumer Association of Ireland has a personal blog. (Not associated with CAI). The CAI are the yesmen of ComReg when the EU comes calling. The CAI get paid a lot of money to be on ComReg’s consumer panel so never really rock the boat. They get €1500 per half day meeting to be exact and happily listen to lies and perverted pricing stats which are reguritated to the EU when they come to town.

So Labour are starting to box clever?

Check this video and explanation via Daithí. Journos with backbones.

Belle and Sebastian cover Dinosaur Jr.

OfCom got it pretty much right when it came to being a telcoms/broadcast regulator. Their old boss just got a massive job in Downing Street.

Mike thinks Data Portability is a problem in the EU. Legal scholars, can you give some constructive feedback? Oh and check out this comment from Scoble.

Kelly Shoes News.

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    What a useful article by Mr. Otter.