Fluffy Links – Wednesday January 2nd 2008

Grannymar goes back over her year.

I already pointed to this photo but John Braine doesn’t like trolleys.

Check out Pat’s post on Opera Telecom. Link to it too so more people can group together and talk about them.

Attention seeking hippies at it again. No, not the Amnesty Interference people, this Tipperary Peace Price people. Giving a prize to the person in all the world headlines. Katy French not big enough for them? Great PR.

I love Neil Gaiman’s New Year Wishes.

How to get your political ad shown for free – Pull it.

The Wikipedia entry for blogs with a few words removed.

The French give a taxbreak for making video games in France. Expect Snooty Waiter 1, 2, 3 to come out on the Wii in a year or two.

Gruff Rhys – Candylion

Super Furry Animals – Juxtaposed With U

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Wednesday January 2nd 2008”

  1. Trinity says:

    It’s Wednesday 2nd 🙂
    Hec I wish it was the 3rd though! Horribulus being back at work.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Damien says:

    One person notices!

    Thanks for that, fixed. Phew, thank god it’s only the second.

  3. manuel says:

    Snooty Waiter? I was gonna make that…….sounds right up my street too……hahahha