Fluffy Links – Tuesday December 18th 2007

I meant to blog this ages ago. They Never Froze Walt Disney. In Cork. In January. See the trailer at the end of this too.

Dickheads of the year (2007) Irish Edition, who are yours?

Joel writes a nice piece on how to demo software.

LIFT looks like a good conference. Any Irish going to it? Or the venture evening?

Russel Davies has made a list of some very good conferences to attend. Conferences are the new music festivals, though without the terrible toilets and bug infested swamps camping grounds.

Seth from Meebo who we met during Paddy’s Valley talks about Venture Capital.

Animal lovers will no doubt write in en masse.

NES emulator for the iPhone. I might install it. On. my. iPhone.

Vista biggest crock of shit in 2007? Whudda thunk it.

Ribbit allows you to add voice/telephony to any webapp. Clever. What I like though are the demo videos they made to explain it. Much better than a blog post.

Tailer for They Never Froze Walt Disney:

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday December 18th 2007”

  1. Great name for a show.

  2. Trinity says:

    “Vista biggest crock of shit in 2007? Whudda thunk it”

    I don’t think it’s Vista per se, but more like effin PC world! (pardon the ole French!). Biggest load of sheisters I have ever come across, that don’t know their arse from their elbow! Seriously! 🙂

    Having said that, I have been using Vista for the last couple of months and have had a few ‘hiccups’ with it.

  3. Paul McClean says:

    That Ribbit demo is good, I especially liked when he called the movie hotline at the end. Reminded me of the Simpsons episode where Bart calls the police station in a panic:

    Voice: Hello, and welcome to the Springfield Police Department Resc-u-
    Fone[tm]. If you know the name of the felony being committed,
    press one. To choose from a list of felonies, press two. If you
    are being murdered or calling from a rotary phone, please stay on
    the line.

    Bart: [growls, punches some numbers]

    Voice: You have selected regicide. If you know the name of the king or
    queen being murdered, press one.