I’m blogging about John blogging about me about me blogging about him

It had to be done. Never mind the sandals, here’s John Gormley. Day Two in Bali and John pokes me about poking him about his sandals. We’re rooting for John in Bali though. We’re shit at soccer and rugby on the International stage, perhaps it’ll be “our John” who’ll beat the French, the English and the South Africans at this event. Oh, right, it’s not that kind of event? Still, c’mon Sandal John!

Sandal John Gormley and his environmentally friendly rothar

10 Responses to “I’m blogging about John blogging about me about me blogging about him”

  1. Branedy says:

    Did he peddle that bike all the way there? Good Man!

  2. roosta says:

    What if I blog about you blogging about John blogging about you blogging about him? Would it have repercussions for the space-time continuum? Did they discuss this at Paddy’s Valley? I’m scared.

  3. Damien says:

    Would only rip space-time if Trev Sargent blogged about you blogging about me blogging about John blogging about me blogging about him.

  4. roosta says:

    I did some rough calculations and that would actually set up an infinite loop that could create a self-sustainable energy source .

    hooray! the Green’s did it.

  5. Hard to believe he isn’t even fifty yet.

  6. Tim says:

    Greens in Bali, Ha! how green is the CO2 footprint of the boy John, they should have done the whole thing by video conference, it will amount to the same result.SFA.

  7. barry says:

    Agreed Tim, we must surely begin to use some of the technologies around to get a handle on this carbon foorprint thing. Of course ‘they’ will say you cannot do any corridor stuff on video, but my experience of these affairs is that they are about posturing, the behind the scenes haggling has already sorted the issues. The formal affair allows for some position taking but the communique is already written.

    Gormley knows that.

  8. roosta says:

    Ha…so the Green’s in no way should be using any kind of transport that outputs carbon dioxide? Do we expect them to be extremists?

  9. Tim says:

    Who said anything about extremism, the so called Green party in bed with Fianna fáil are not really living up to their environmental principles. Like the Kyoto treaty before it this talking shop produced a lot of nothing, except more talk and no action. The politicos have to lead by example, flying halfway around the world to do a bit of posturing and posing with a mountain bike is not very Green.

  10. barry says:

    I am a member of the Gs and like many of them am frustrated at their actions in coalition, but I am realistic enough to know that compromise is needed. I think Ryan (pace Damien’s views…;) has done better than Gormley. I think Gormleys ‘yah da de dah da’ type slagging of the ‘opposition’ is uncalled for.

    I just heard G on RTE radio from Bali, a more tempered view of the fudge, saying that at least the US is willing to talk, which I suppose is the best we could have hoped for.
    Apropos my earlier comments about the communique being already written, I’d bet that the ‘sherpas’ knew that the US would make some late concessions and the final outcome would not contain the word ‘binding’ – cynical? maybe, but that’s the way these international things go.