My Cubic phone details

While in the Valley I’ll have my cubic phone with me:

All of the below numbers go to the same phone, neat huh? 🙂

San Francisco +14153761381
Dublin +35315262763
London +442088199685
Cubic to Cubic 7770016

6 Responses to “My Cubic phone details”

  1. Daragh says:

    Where can I get a cubic phone? I can’t find any website when I google it.

  2. Daragh says:

    Found it… for anyone who’s interested.

  3. Damien B says:

    Would be very interested to hear your verdict on the phone. Best of luck in SF!

  4. Tim Worstall says:

    Having just been hit with aludicrous bill for roaming on a modem in Grece, do these guys offer date ans well as voice?

  5. tom young says:

    Use of a 1526 number for international access is not allowed. Its never been ratified and should be blocked from landlines, in case people can’t access you there. The reason being the tariffs.

    Best of luck over there.

  6. Dobharcu says:

    Before you all get too excited – I wouldn’t trust these cunts.
    Read this:
    (Cubic phone startup) Maxroam lies to reviewer about rates
    Quote – “In 20 years of reviewing tech products, nobody has ever deliberately misled me on hard facts like prices -but I thought you should hear about it from me.”