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Science Week Blogging Winners but the science blog posts continue

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

Sorry about the lateness in this, apparently people were emailed about it. Was too caught up with other matters to let you know the winners and to blog the past day and a bit.

Congrats to the following who won a Wii for Science Week:

But it looks like if you want to keep writing about this, then go see Sinéad. She’s taken up the mantle and is asking people a new science question (no Wii prize this time though), the question is: What changes would you make to an existing piece of technology?

eircom Broadband week – new ComScore stats

Monday, November 19th, 2007

More during the week about the various events around Broadband Week. One to definitely to note is that they’ll be announcing an Innovation Fund at the end of the week that tech startups might benefit from.

Remember those ComScore stats? They’re back again for September, via eircom.

Top 10 Internet properties visited by Irish users during September 2007:

* Over 2 million people in Ireland logged onto the Internet in September 2007 (48% of the population)
* Top 5 properties visited by Irish users are non Irish sites
* is the number one Irish site visited by Irish users
* Almost 1.2m unique users visited during September.
* Only 3 of the top 10 sites visited by Irish users are Irish sites

1. Google
2. Microsoft
3. Yahoo!
5. eBay
7. Wikipedia
8. Time Warner Network
9. Ryanair
10. Aer Lingus

Top Sporting sites visited by Irish Users


* 65% of Irish visitors to sporting sites are under the age of 35
* 64% of Irish visitors to these sites are male
* RTE Sport is the 3rd most visited sporting site by Irish internet users
* Only two Irish sites in the top 10 – RTE Sport and
* One in three Irish users visited a sporting site

3. RTE Sport
4. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)
5. BBC Sport


Top Multimedia Sites visited by Irish Users

* 66% of Irish visitors to multimedia entertainment sites are under the age of 35
* 10% of Irish visitors to these sites are 55 or older
* 43% of Irish users visited a multimedia site during September 2007

2. iTunes
5.AOL Music

Top Gambling Sites Visited by Irish Users

* The number of unique visits to Gambling sites by Irish users has doubled in the past year.
* and are the 2nd and 3rd most popular gambling sites for Irish users
* 30% of Irish Internet users visit Gambling websites once a month

3. Paddy Power
4. 365 Media Group

* is the most visited discussion / chat site by Irish users in September 2007
* Unique visits to discussion / chat sites have increased 16% in the last year
* 1 in 4 Irish users visited a discussion / chat site during September

Fluffy links – Monday November 19th 2007

Monday, November 19th, 2007

Patrick Collison now stars in the Irish curriculum.

Christmas is coming. Check out this sweater. (Via Andrew)

Website managed to buy a football club!

I so want a Chumby. I got my Wii last year and my Elmo. Now it’s this.

Girl Talk! Woo.

Free booze for UK Twitter folks.

Escher’s Hands redone for robots.

Think telecoms in Ireland is bad? How about Regtel for premium number services. Run for the industry by the industry. Read how they redefine what a complaint is and then say the numbers of complaints went down. Scammers.

Mathy shelving goodness.

Another That’s Ireland classic: Fifty Ways to Laugh at Voters the Vidjo

Are you local? Google Local comes to Ireland. Register your business for free

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

Richard’s on the ball, again.

google local ireland

Fianna Fáil – Never Resign

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

Minister Conor Lenihan thinks the Govt is entitled to interfere with the media

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

From Today’s Irish Times Radio review section.

Seems Kebab Lenihan was on the Marian Finucane show last week and they talked about the Late Late Show and Governments telling the media what to do and then…

All but one of Finucane’s panel of newspaper reviewers were in agreement that the Government should never seek to interfere with the editorial decisions made by programme-makers. It’s a no-brainer, really, unless you’re from North Korea – but not for our Minister of State. “Funny enough” said Lenihan, “I don’t object to the principle that calls could be made. I notice that around the table we’re all getting very precious.”

Uh oh

Buh bye: Door, hit, ass. Pay Per Post fakebloggers hammered by Google

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

And sometimes I really like Google. It seems anyone that sold out and polluted the web by fakeblogging for Pay Per Post have now received almost the ulimate punishment and have gotten a Pagerank of zero. Just checked a few sites who use Lie Per Post and yup, zero. Trouble is my ranking has gone down from 5 to 3 too but I wonder is that because of the increased diluting of link weight? Though it doesn’t bother me as I’ve never been obsessed about it.

Update: Loving how Pay Per Post claim censorship by Google yet mysteriously there are ZERO negative comments about their service on their blog post. Everyone is positive.

Science Week Competition Day 5 – The best invention in 2007?

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

Final day. Final chance. With so many people not going online to blog today, you might have a greater chance. The question for the Science Week competition today is:

In your opinion what was the best invention in 2007?

Now don’t forget to link to the Science Week website for this and every entry this week! Happy blogging.

David is already out the gates and suggests the One Laptop Per Child.

M Buckley says Functionalized Nanoporous Thin Films.

Sinéad says the ZymeQuest Blood Simple Machine

Johnny says Xerox’s Erasable Paper.

Bernie says MammaPrint.

Kevin suggests a Facebook Application.

Daragh says Monkey Cloning.

Cian says something better than Velcro.

Joe says the Facebook API.

Treasa doesn’t know.

Conor says the BiancaMed Overnight Sleep Monitor

Tensare says a hamster shredder. No, not that kinda of thing.

Simon says his son. Best answer ever.

Will says the haptic screen.

Darran says the iPhone.

Science Week Ireland blogging competition Day 4 – Which invention has helped you most with your working life?

Friday, November 16th, 2007

There’s a Wii to be won for blogging an answer to the question:Which invention has helped you most with your working life?

Off ye go. Am sure it being a Friday and everyone being busy you’re allowed to take your time with this one. Another day to go too, this is the question to consider for blogging on Saturday: In your opinion what was the best invention in 2007?

David says (shock!) books.

Pedro says the alarm clock.

Johnny says the World Wide Web.

Simon thinks the treasury tag.

Daragh says the dry-wipe whiteboard and the non-permanent marker.

Bernie says the Moleskin.

Sinéad says the Filofax. Old school!

Darran says the Internet.

Tensare says Tea!

Conor says the Internet.

Joe says the Internet.

Kevin says the database.

Adam says email.

I’m meant to say something here then

Friday, November 16th, 2007

Right, thanks for those that voted for me and judged me for the Netvisionary Award. I won for Technology Journalist.

Damien Mulley in a tux

We were not allowed give speeches except for the overall netvisonary who was Fergus Burns from Nooked. Met him twice now in the past seven days and the guy is a networking dynamo and someone with a very progressive attitude about Ireland and technology and what needs to change. Well done Fegus. About time and very much deserved.

Anyways, if I was allowed to make a speech I would have said the award was dedicated to Richard Delevan who hired me for the Sunday Tribune and guided me for the past 10 or so months. It would be great to see more people scouting the very talented blogging community that we have in Ireland and offering them various opportunities. There are a fair few bloggers out there that can and do give a lot of journalists a run for their money.

I should also thank Ralph Averbuch, Ciara O’Brien, Eamonn McGrane, John Kennedy, John Collins, Adrian Weckler, Max Kelly, Mark Tighe, Kathy Foley and so many more journalists who have interviewed me when I was at the other side of the fence causing trouble (and mostly still am) and in doing so helped me to communicate my own thoughts in a better way. Same goes for everyone that leaves comments here and gives feedback whether they agree with me or not.

Thank you everyone for being my army of editors and my free R&D team.

(Picture nicked from Keith)