Science Week Blogging Winners but the science blog posts continue

Sorry about the lateness in this, apparently people were emailed about it. Was too caught up with other matters to let you know the winners and to blog the past day and a bit.

Congrats to the following who won a Wii for Science Week:

But it looks like if you want to keep writing about this, then go see Sinéad. She’s taken up the mantle and is asking people a new science question (no Wii prize this time though), the question is: What changes would you make to an existing piece of technology?

2 Responses to “Science Week Blogging Winners but the science blog posts continue”

  1. Brian says:

    Cheers Damien – I would just like to say thank you for highlighting this competition as I wouldn’t have found it otherwise. You’ve indirectly made someone’s Christmas.

  2. […] the wake of the science week blog posts, and subsequent wii winning, I’m suddenly becoming very curious about things. The Faber book […]