Science Week Competition Day 3 – What’s the next gadget that you want to buy?

Next question, next chance to win a Wii. Get blogging on what’s the next gadget that you want to buy? And g’wan, go into florid detail as to why. Funny pictures too. Maybe even make a video and do a song. Earn that Wii!

Simon says a keyfob.

Suzy says a Jawbone.

Cian wants a wallet/keys/phone combo device.

David wants a bookmark.

Gerry wants Shades.

Seán wants an OpenMoko phone.

Liam wants a Three Skypephone.

Treasa wants an ipod Shuffle.

Sinéad wants a creative Zen.

Simon McGarr says he wants an Internet Radio.

Kevin still hasn’t found what he’s looking for.

Tensare wants a Chinook.

Johnny K wants an Energy Monitor.

Joe wants a GPS device.

Pedro wants Lego Mindstorm.

Bernie says a Free Ride Pen.

Conor says a hybrid Nokia.

Joe says a home cinema system.

Adam says the Zoom H4.

22 Responses to “Science Week Competition Day 3 – What’s the next gadget that you want to buy?”

  1. red mum says:

    Eh a wii!!!! Worth a try methinks!

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  9. I think I should get the Wii because I’m great. In fact, I think I should get two Wiis in case one of them doesn’t work…

    My proper entry is here:

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  12. I still want a funky pen more than a Wii.