Tribune Business Editor fired for … quoting a blogger?

Richard Delevan is no longer Business Editor of the Sunday Tribune after being fired this morning. Rumours were going around today that staff in le Trib were told he was kicked out. Allegedly he was told sling his er hook over an an article he wrote about an auctioneer who couldn’t sell his own gaff. It’s all the fault of A Randow Walk. 🙂 (The post I linked to is gone now. Ooops) Also mentioned on Property Pin. (Being clear, I’m not actually blaming A Random Walk or Property Pin, I was being sarcy.)

Of course I’m biased on this. Richard gave me a job in the Tribune in January this year doing what I do on this blog, writing about things that interest me. I’ve never enjoyed myself more. Easiest person I’ve ever worked for and he’s encouraged me so much and helped me improve how I write about things. It’s a shame I won’t be working with him as much because everytime we chat I’m more enthusiastic than ever about technology. At least he can go back to writing his blog and book.

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  1. Keith says:

    The page on “A Random Walk” seems to have disappeared…

  2. Daragh says:

    Was only reading an article about him in the current Phoenix this morning. Seems he ruffled a few feathers.

  3. The only reason I read the Trib was for him and you. Apart from that it was ads, advertorial and bullshit. A sad day for Irish print media.

  4. Naoise says:

    Says a lot about this country that David McWilliams and George Lee are held responsible for “talking down” the economy and now a sharp, bright journalist – who confirms the Emperor is indeed in the nip – is shafted. Bleak times lie ahead for independent journalism…

  5. Just as well Naoise said independent instead of Independent. Is there a link here between Hooke and MacDonald being a big advertiser and the Tribune being a pseudo member of the Independent News & Media family?

  6. Twenty Major says:

    Is there a link here between Hooke and MacDonald being a big advertiser and the Tribune being a pseudo member of the Independent News & Media family?

    Perish the thought

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  8. Dermot says:

    Thats nuts. Absolutely nuts. What was the excuse they gave for firing him ? (I’m assuming there is some sort of contract in operation and they need to give him some official reason for terminating him).


  9. Sinéad says:

    Crikey, why exactly was he fired? That’s a real shame.
    The business section of most papers is the one I regularly throw in the bin, but Richard manages to write about the subject in an engaging way.

  10. Dan Sullivan says:

    Right oh, it’s the business post for me so.

  11. Gavin says:

    Sheise, back to the Business Post then

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  13. blindjustice says:

    independent media???

  14. Just as well this doesn’t happen to employees at the Guardian or it’d be a one-man band – i.e the guy doing the firing.

  15. Tribune says:

    […] start can I say that the first I heard of what has happened was from someone who emailed me Damien’s blog post. I pulled the referenced post to give myself space to think, not because of pressure from anyone. […]

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  17. Tom Cosgrave says:

    He always struck me as a blowhard Myers type, to be honest. The last edition of Phoenix was alleging difficulties with a colleague, if I recall right.

  18. Carrigaline says:

    Ludicrous, the Tribune sinks to a level I thought only the Sindo could plumb.

  19. fatmammycat says:

    The Phoenix like a bit of ‘alledging’ as much as the next mag/paper. I wouldn’t take everything they say as gospel.

  20. simon says:

    My thoughts on the Phoenix as well

  21. Noz says:

    What a disgrace, Richard Delevans articles are mainly why I buy that paper. This country gets worse every day.

  22. Branedy says:

    Daimen, you probably had as much to do with his departure, what with you speaking the truth and all. What were you thinking, a newspaper telling the Truth, AS IF!

  23. Pat says:

    The Phoenix comments while possibly sexed up in the presentation are based on actual events. There are two sides to the story but RD has a legion of peers who will shed few tears for his passing

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  25. John says:

    I was surprised at the stuff about him in The Phoenix to be honest.

    I’ve met Richard a couple of times and we gave Google’s green guru a bit of a grilling at the Google press day this year.

    There has to be more behind his firing than just that article. Everyone knows the paper is under financial pressure. And The Independent and the IoS in London have recently purged their business journalists.

    I think things have added up to give the paper an excuse for firing him some time after they’d made the decision to do so.

    Another thing – when did it break a good lead business story, for example?

  26. squid says:

    I guess the shoe is on the other foot now for Mr. Delevane. Back in august he was crowing about Aer Lingus’ decision to move shannon slots to Belfast, and using terms bordering on insulting to describe Shannon. Maybe now that he is on the receiving end of an equally inexplicable business decision he might learn some understanding of the world around him.

  27. Daithí says:

    Yes. Because insulting the sacred Shannon slots means you deserve to get fired. Right.

  28. The Trib’s property porn section might be more attractive to advertisers than the business section. It wasn’t very wise to upset an advertiser like that. Does this mean that you will be taking over the position of business editor at the Trib Damien? 🙂

  29. Twenty Major says:

    How could anyone possibly insult Shannon? She was fantastic in 90210.

  30. Paul Moloney says:

    Sad to say, but these days I’d trust blogs more than newspapers. Here’s one example why.


  31. Barry says:

    From todays Irish Times –

    The business editor of the Sunday Tribune , Richard Delevan, has been let go and a columnist Bill Tyson has resigned in solidarity with him.

    Any other columnist going to join them????

  32. vince says:

    Any idea who Richard will write for next? I’ll certainly follow…

  33. JC Skinner says:

    Sad to hear. Really fucking sad to hear.