under massive (manual) spam attack

Seems someone doesn’t like what I’m saying about Ace Internet Marketing and the person who attacked Daithi’s blog is now attacking this blog too. can you feel the strain on the servers? No? Neither can I. They seem to be using IP ranges of Web Hosting companies in the UK and Canada. So I rang them and reported the abuse. Unlike most spam attacks, this is being done manually by some fucking idiot actually copying and pasting stuff.

Update: Seems the hosting for one of these accounts has just been killed. I got this from the hosting company:

The user’s name is “xxxxxxxx” and their account is terminated now.


Update: Bless him, he’s still leaving messages and anyone with half a brain will match the writing style to previous messages. Oh and in his stupidity he first went to Daithi’s site using an eircom IP – Making it far too easy to track him down.

Update: And the uber hacker says he was watching a movie when his automated hacker tool did this. It is mid-term, is this why he has so much time? And his hacker tool was written in Java, the language du jour for the l33t kids. C’mon man, you’d have been as cool if you used .net. Fuck off and learn perl like any decent script kiddie.

14 Responses to “ under massive (manual) spam attack”

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  2. Was it a name you recognised?

  3. Rahood says:

    They offer SEO, SEP and a SEM service. I wonder how long before these muppets start offering an SERM service as well 🙂

  4. Brian says:

    haha! NEXT: a manual DoS attack – man sellotapes down F5 key on a thousand computers!

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  6. Robert says:

    10 for n = 1 to infinity
    20 spam
    30 goto 10

  7. Conor says:

    Man, people are selling off bits of the Storm botnet and this guy does it manually? sheesh.

    Not that I condone the use of storm against any websites.

  8. Branedy says:

    Send the traffic my way, I could use the company 😉

  9. Checked that IP. The Illiterate One has been lurking around my place, but he hasn’t tried to spam me yet. And his legal department (him) hasn’t issued any threatening emails.

  10. Bock: ditto; that address visited me before the spamming even started (

  11. It’s all fallen a bit flat really. I was hoping for a much worse fight.

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  13. Ken says:

    “Unlike most spam attacks, this is being done manually by some fucking idiot actually copying and pasting stuff.”

    Oh God stop… you’re killing me. ROFL.