Fluffy Links – Friday October 27th 2007

Donal now lives here.

You remember that short film from Ireland called “Underworld”? Download it now for free or watch it online for free.

Where do you hide yours?

Google block ads on websites that report on Google.

Oh no, oh my.

This is how you get all your data out of Facebook without being someone who plays with APIs. What you need now is something to extract all the data and then write over the old data and THEN delete your account. People give out Facebook but at least you can get data out, I still think it should be a section under the Data Protection laws for all providers to have to provide that.

Get a Dell laptop for 300 quid ex vat.

Ahh Uncov. Ahhh bitterness.

Labour Youth are having a conference this weekend. They’ll probably once again celebrate Che Guevara but ignore his murder campaigns, while taking swipes at Sinn Féin being terrorists and they’ll probably also wear their ban Coca Cola t-shirts as they are wearing here. Free Lenin caps or Lennon caps too (bless them, so many icons to crotchrub against) at the door and I hear there’ll be lots of special helpers on the day to train people on how to grow scruffy beards, how to give oneself a double-barreled name or use the Irish version of it. I’m not a member but I do enjoy the Che Guevara was a murderer and your t-shirt is not cool facebook group. 14k members so far.

4 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Friday October 27th 2007”

  1. […] very much a walled garden at the moment (you can put your data in but you can’t get it out -not quite true, but still ) and attempts to retrieve data have found some companies getting a kick in the nads and told to […]

  2. Neil Ward says:

    Oi – Labour Youth aren’t a bunch of commies, you know!! And I only know one member with a double-barrelled surname 😉

    You should come along – you might actually be pleasantly surprised….

  3. Noel Rock says:

    Ahahahahahaha… ahahahahahaha… the LY comments are brilliant. More please.

  4. Hi Damien,

    Just a word of thanks for putting up a link to my film Underworld. Already seeing traffic from your site. Hope you enjoyed the film.

    Many thanks,

    Ronan Gallagher
    Iron Mountain Movies