Fluffy Links – Tuesday October 23rd 2007

As is the trend, another great blogger has left the O’Sphere. Slán Grandad. Enjoy the blog retirement.

And as one goes, another returns. Via Mick. Aine is back. Aine Chambers mofos. With her own Halloween themed new website and welcome video. The old site has a fun pic too.

And again, via Mick, fun graffiti.

Seán reaches 200.

Mashup Camp is in Dublin on November 10th now. Have a look at the impressive lineup. Get yourself to it.

Seedcamp tips.

New blogs on the block from yesterday.

Two sims, one phone. Handy.

Of course there were going to be t-shirts.

Renegade Master with Final Fantasy clips:

Renegade Master with Fast and Furious clips:

5 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday October 23rd 2007”

  1. Grandad says:

    Thanks for the ‘great’ bit, Damien, but but it takes more than a trend to get rid of me. I’ll be around for a bit yet….!

  2. […] tried to do this as a video on Sunday and made a complete mess of it, Donal tipped me to Damien’s fluffy (glad the fluffiness is back Damien) this morning to Red […]

  3. Sean says:

    Thanks Damien! 🙂

  4. red mum says:

    Oh jesus that aine pic is far from fun! My eyes my eyes.