Microsoft Hyper V – So what is it?

Last week I had a Fluffy Link which talked about all the Microsoft Hyper/Microsoft Hyper V domains that Microsoft were buying up. Since then I’ve had, shall we say “interesting” IP addresses visit that post.

Lots of Microsoft Hyper V domains as well as and
Some folks in MS in the States seem coy about whatever this is.

However, a project called Viridian, also known as Hypervisor which had to do with Virtualisation might be something to do with it. Just seems to be part of Visrtual Server really. If it ever gets out the door. Seems there were a few delays. More here and here. Maybe that’s it? Shame really after buying all those domains.

I’d love to see MS do their own version of an NGage like platform that will work on all OSes and all platforms so people can interact with XBox Live from anywhere. Course I also think XBox live should be waaaaay more than just an online games platform. That’s their social network right there. Perhaps if Silverlight shows the way for “any OS and platform” they might do the same for other products too.

Update: More.

One Response to “Microsoft Hyper V – So what is it?”

  1. Totally agree on the xbox community my man. Loyal and unwavering – what a starting point. Mix that with all the info they will get out of Facebook over then next couple of years and they’ve struck gold!