Fluffy Links – Tuesday October 16th 2007

Rick has banned himself from Facebook for a week and so is full of creative ideas, like a cinema blog. Meanwhile can everyone txt and email in to his show pointing out really cool stuff (make it up) that just has to be seen on Facebook this week. Can’t make it too easy can we?

The Irish School of Motoring has a blog. Stick me on the blog roll! What a great domain – ISM.ie, wonder do they have any unusual subdomains. 🙂

Gay Priest gets found out because of his Interior Decorating. Of course.

After many a long year, the Golden Spiders have released their criteria.

Fantastic post from Joe on Getting an R&D Equity grant from Enterprise Ireland. Brilliant comments after the post too. Loving Joe’s transparency about his business.

UCC are doing some good Chinese movies on Wednesdays.

Via Shel. Nice map of top level domain extensions relative to population.

Shitty vid with annoying fanboy at start and end but still, wow. Bruce Springsteen & Arcade Fire live: “Keep the Car Running”

Via You Ain’t No Picasso: Seabear – Teenage Kicks:

Seabear – Hands Remember:

5 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday October 16th 2007”

  1. Brian says:

    I stupidly entered the Golden Spiders last year and I got 11 emails and a phone call to my house this year letting me know it was on or that the deadline was extended due to “phenomental demand”.

    I presume demand is not so “phenomental”, given all that effort and the publishing of criteria only now.

    Personally I think you need an independent body like an academic institution to run it, that or make it an open competition.
    i.e. for SEO the winner is the one who ranks first for “website” on google.ie (currently the frames!)
    or peoples choice goes to whoever can get most votes in an online poll.

  2. If you have to pay to be considered for an award, it’s worthless.

    I’ll sell you a Golden Fly Award for half of whatever the spiders are charging.

    * may not be real gold

  3. Rick says:

    Your cruelty to me has not gone unnoticed. Swine 😛

  4. […] Damien deserves to burn in internet hell. […]

  5. Just wanted to complement you on your site! Enjoying reading it very much. One of the more interesting RSSs I have. Thought your piece on Rigging-The-Irish-Election was scaringly honest… It could pass for the hand book of most modern politician considering their performance in recent elections!