Fluffy Links – Friday October 5th 2007

Una will crawl over glass for us, this time she read Hot Press so we don’t have to. Depressing.

Dickie Rock reviews this week’s singles. On Craig David’s ‘Hot Stuff’, he says, “I love the rhythm, he’s a great singer.”

Uhm. Jesus.

Michele points out GMail doesn’t help you if you want to track abusive emailers.

Open Coffee Galway is on today. Go!

Yeah, what is Arcade Fire up to? Maybe they’ll give away the Radiohead album for less than free?

The new Sony Bravia ad with stop-motion clay rabbits. Now it makes more sense.

Did anyone know the guy who co-founded (Larry Sanger) but now loathes Wikipedia gave a talk in Dublin recently? MP3 of his talk here.

Is the nanny state mentality stopping progress and innovation? Peter Cochrane is asking.

Lethal Bizzle Police on My Back:

You might like it unless you heard where it was cloned from.
The Clash – Police On My Back

5 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Friday October 5th 2007”

  1. 73man says:

    Thanks for the Peter Cochrane link. At least he doesn’t set up a straw man only to make his argument appear stronger: “I suppose the basket-weaving, back-to-basics fraternity might applaud such an outcome, but I do not.” I mean what precisely is he talking about?

    All he is missing is that great catch all, semi-apologetic “some of my best friends are non-risk takers.” Lever Bros used a similar point in their Dirt is Good campaign: that kids need to get down and dirty to build up their immune systems. I mean it was only meant to shift product after all, not assist in the survival of the species. Cf. Dove’s redefining beauty campaign.

  2. Why doesn’t Hot Press just fuck off and die?

  3. 73man says:

    Geez and I thought I was being a bitter so and so!

  4. Paige says:

    Mulley on fire is a thing of beauty. Even if a little un-necessarily violent.
    Stop broadening my mind.


  5. Tis Me says:

    Check out the claim on this blog:

    that the bravia add concept is nicked.. And it looks to be true..