Monster Ireland spam Irish people, follow it up with legal threats

It seems the mess after employee John Burns, Monster’s Business Development Manager in Ireland, spammed IT@Cork members is getting better. Now Monster has apparently threatened legal action against Michele Neylon for blogging about it. Also, someone from a Monster IP address is going around the place defending spamming and personally attacking anyone that talks about Monster. Heya Monster. Guess what? Also those bloggers who are talking about this all have good Google rankings. If more people link to Michele or Tom’s posts with “Monster Ireland”, oh, I dunno, that would be even worse PR for Monster, would it not? Spamming Tom or Michele is bad, but both of them? Oh dear. That’ll be bothersome.

Also, I submitted Michele’s post to Digg, if you want to bring it to the attention of that hoarde of nerds. 🙂 Climbing up the DIGG ranks too.

Update: Now with audio and more twists!

Welcome to the Internet and people that don’t take shit.

Update: They’ll be writing songs about it next. Oh yeah, they have.

Update: And now there’s a music version of the Voicemail.

16 Responses to “Monster Ireland spam Irish people, follow it up with legal threats”

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  3. Paul Clerkin says:

    This is hilarious – and very bully-boy tactics

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  6. Rahood says:

    Shame on you Mulley; Have you NO consideration for those of us on workstations without a soundcard. I was left with little choice but to ask a suit to dock his ipod and play it from watercooler all the way across the office so that I might better understand what all the fuss is about, anyways its sitting here on leafpad so I may as well share…. = ermmmmm!

    Beep this message was left today at 14.04

    Tom Hello
    This is John Burns here I’m an employee of Monster dot ie
    I’m very upset to see that you have my details all over your your blog which is obviously public
    I find that extremely
    irresponsible of you to put my name up there in the first place
    regarding that email that I sent out
    I’m a new employee of Monster and you
    have put my name up and damaged my character and caused a lot of embarrassment for me at the moment and if there is any trouble..
    If this means any more hassle for me I will just proceed with the legal advice I’ve already got
    regardless of whether I’m with monster or not.
    All I can say is that I ask you to take down
    what you’ve put up about me
    remove my name and replace it with somebody else’s immediately
    or else I’ll take this very very seriously
    and I will definitely be taking this forward.

    To delete this message press seven, To save this message press nine.

    //I neither shave or bath.
    ///So dont expect me to spell check.

  7. apparently, well, sending unsolicited email…

    Monster, the big weird recruitment agency, is apparently spamming various people involved in IT@Cork. And someone with a Monster IP address (but who doesn’t work for Monster, dear me, no) is jumping in to defend them. Shills should at least……

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  9. Michele says:

    Just to clarify one thing. Monster are not threatening me with legal action. Their employee is (or at least that’s my understanding of it …)


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  13. M Buckley says:

    Sweet Heavens! Most of us can’t manage to open our eyes, what with the gloom and rain.
    All I’m thinking about is World Bread Day on the 16th October. If more people made bread, there would be less spam…

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  15. John says:

    Old posts I know, but now is at it.
    They started spamming me today at my company.