Fluffy Links – Tuesday

Eddie in shock at suggestion of resigning.

Daithí had the pleasure of doing the first Blawg review from Ireland. Nice one.

Good to see the O’Dellinator back with a great “makes sense to us who don’t speak lawyer” post on that Monica Leech defamation case.

Just wow.

Dedicated to Apple fans.

And is this Nokia ad.

We’re all gods?

Bitter Pill blog is now a book. Congrats!

Check out the Promenade blog if you like technology and music.

Oooh. Another Irish website awards. To be held on a Balcony.

But as Stephen points out, there aren’t many interesting websites in Ireland,

I can’t gaurentee there are that many interesting websites coming from Ireland.

it’s free in so don’t throw your toys out of the pram when nobody nominates you.

Here’s the requirements:

Simply put, we are looking for five innovative, qookie, unusual, creative, experimental websites.

Buffalo Tom on Letterman

Buffalo Tom – Late at night mixed with My So called Life:

4 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday”

  1. I nominate BalconyTV for the “Best new made-up words” category.

    “Gaurentee” and “Qookie” are good.

    “Drat, it’s the Gaurds! Hide the hash qookies.”

  2. Twenty Major says:

    “Drat, it’s the Gaurds! Hide the hash qookies.”


  3. any news on the next balcony tv awards – i wanna go live – i need to get my rant off my chest: michael martin can bring a smoking ban into ireland – BUT by 2020 we may [not] achieve 33% self sustainable energy for the national grid – I cant get a wind turbine on an acre of farmland and —–we can put a motorway through tara – pay a gizillion pound for a prison site and stick in a supedump tomorrow –

    i can get a wind turbine in B and Q – it wont power a toaster – but i can put it up straight away.
    slán go foill