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Friday, September 21st, 2007

The Next Q+A is on October 19th, which is a Friday at a new venue: The Vaults, Connolly Station.


One of my favourite indy nights in Ireland, always fun and nice to see it turn into something like Freakscene. They now also have a Facebook Group too. Doubt I can make the next night as I have too much travel that week. Ah well. I’m just going to have to move to Dublin. (Oh no cry the Dublin OCCers)

Demetri Martin on Social Networking

Friday, September 21st, 2007

Cheers Dan!

Bolton Trust celebrates 20 years with conference on ‘Indigenous Entrepreneurship’

Friday, September 21st, 2007

Got a press release on this yest, never heard of this Bolton Trust crowd, but they’ve been around a while. Might be worth going to:

Entrepreneurs to Celebrate 20 Years of the Bolton Trust

The Bolton Trust, which was established in 1987 to encourage and promote new business enterprise in Ireland, will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a one-day conference on ‘Indigenous Entrepreneurship’ on Thursday 4th October 2007.The conference will be held at the Docklands Innovation Park on Dublin’s East Wall Road which is currently home to some 70 companies.

A number of speakers including Frank Ryan, Chief Executive, Enterprise Ireland and two of Ireland’s best known entrepreneurs, Chris Horn and Liavan Mallin will address the event. Also attending will be architect and broadcaster, Duncan Stewart, who was involved with the foundation of the Bolton Trust. President of Ireland, Mary McAleese, will close the Conference with a presentation to four of the Trust’s founding members and afterwards will meet with delegates, speakers and members of the Trust.

To register attendance for the conference, contact Cairín O’Connor at 01 2401377, email info at or visit the

About The Bolton Trust

The Bolton Trust encourages and promotes new business enterprise in Ireland. It is an independent voluntary trust actively committed to assisting people to create sustainable business. The Bolton Trust was established at the height of Ireland’s ‘brain drain’ in 1987 by staff of the Dublin Institute of Technology to promote an enterprise culture and to offer young entrepreneurs an opportunity to develop their business ideas in Ireland. The Trust currently has over 200 members. This membership is largely drawn from the various disciplines of DIT, Ireland’s largest third-level technological Institute and also from Ireland’s entrepreneurial community. Visit the website:

And now number 1 for the phrase … “star trek porn”

Friday, September 21st, 2007

I thought ranking first for “Irish Sluts” was interesting but noooo, this is more interesting alright. Number 1 on google that is.

Not so fluffy links – Thursday September 20th 2007

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

And Irish Technology Museum? Yeah why not.

The first of the free review wine from Sublime Wines was sent out this week. I see Michele got his. You can still apply to be a reviewer by the way.

Black Button, a philosophical question:

In case of emergency, break glass and take out press card

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

I was reading a blog post recently from Jay Rosen about the press people belonging to the U.S. President’s Office who are there to give coverage if nobody else is present for some event. One or two of the more interesting snippets from someone that works on that team:

Well, there are two phrases that I’d like to pass along to your readers. They mean more or less the same thing. “Body watch” means covering an event that will produce zero news on its own because you need to make sure the president doesn’t collapse. The other is SSRO — “suddenly shots rang out” — which is basically equivalent, just a bit more dramatic.

When I emailed this to my friend, he asked whether we were responsible for the president’s safety, so I assume that others will have the same question. What we are responsible for is making sure that, if he collapses, or is shot at, we are in a position to get that information to our viewers/listeners/readers.

Think about how much JFK, RFK, MLK, Wallace, Squeaky, and Hinckley have shaped the logistical reality of White House coverage. The history of journalism is littered with stories of reporters who called it a day a bit too early, like the guy from the New York Times (if memory serves) who decided to head back to NYC hours before Wallace was shot.

This kind of ties into some of the stuff that Jeff Jarvis has been on about lately and supporting Journalism at the source and building new newsrooms etc. He’s spot on that journalists should reference and link to their sources. Blogs work very well doing that. With this idea of citizen journalism which seems to scare the shit out of traditional journalists, I do wonder is there a niche though for people who are like voluntary emergency workers, needed in case of emergencies or times when nobody else is about. Sky and the BBC are kind of doing this with footage and pictures but I wonder could it be done for actual reporting too. It’d be interesting to see media outlets train people on how to report in case they are needed. This works with first aiders and hell Switzerland gives everyone a gun, why not train all citizens in the basics of reporting and build a nation of good communicators. Might make for an interesting knowledge economy.

Fluffy Links – 19th September 2007

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

Arrrrrrr, it be talk like a pirate day, annoy all yourrrrr co-workerrrrrrrrrrs be talking like one. Arrrr.

Also today, the smiley face turns 25. 🙂

Check out Gordon’s latest web app, Yell If It Changes. It alerts you by email if a website changes or if their pagerank changes. I want RSS feeds of it too!

As a not so bitter Cork person, this quote on the Kerry slaughter of Cork rings true.

An excellent idea if you want to draw cartoons of certain deities but fear retribution.

Anthony Bourdain rips a new one into the latest trendy “gourment” creations.

Fiest – Mushaboom:

Feist – I feel it all. (Live on a bus)

Rememble – J’adore

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

Gavin O’Carroll sent me an invite to his digital lifestyle aggregator called Rememble.


It’s a pretty simple idea but lots of fun. Upload all your digital data, emails, text messages, music, photos and tag and comment on them, date them and share some or all or none of them. Current supported filetypes are: png, gif, jpg, avi, mpeg, mp3, wav, wmv, mov, mp4, 3gp and amr

You can upload from inside the site, you can email stuff to the site and you can text to the site as well. Additionally you can import from your Twitter and Flickr streams. Like it, love it.

Of course the coolest feature of this is that it builds a timeline for all of these items. This is like a Tumblr blog for all your digital bits and pieces. Scroll through your timeline and click on any object for more details about it. It has a really nice interface too.

Rememble timeline

I actually think this is a tool I’d use, I’d just like to be able to export it all in some standard format. Is there a DigitalLifeStyleML format out yet? 🙂 Overall the service is good and I think some minor UI tweaks would make it better again. I hope Rememble gets more attention as I certainly think it deserves it.

By the way, I have five invites to give out for this, as does anyone that’s signed up, so if you want one, leave a comment.

Hybrid mobile/VoIP/wifi phones with local number addon abilities – MaxRoam and Cubic Phones

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

Kind of how I’d describe the new Roam4Free now known as MaxRoam products. Pat has launched the new roaming service as well as the mobile phones themelves at Techcrunch and already Scoble thinks the product is the biz. I think a lot of people will realise how good it is in a while. Not that the Engadget folks or their followers seem to be able to get their head around it.

I got to play with the phones and quiz Pat a little on how the service worls. The roaming part is easy enough. You get a sim. It has a number. When you roam, you get cheaper deals by routing over the MaxRoam network. You can add a new local number for the country you are in by adding it to the sim online for a fee. Clever. This means you can create a whole lot of local virtual offices and they all route to one mobile. Americans roaming in Spain? Get a sim with an American number, have Americans contact them on that and have local Spanish business people contact them on a Spanish number that they add to the sim. Come back to America and the Spaniards can still use the Spanish number to contact you.

The phones, they’re nice. Mobile and WiFi. Free handset to handset calls over WiFi networks and a small charge if you call via WiFi and terminate on a non cubic phone. Love this idea.

Everything about this is great except I am really really not a fan of the website. Business people won’t appreciate how informal it is, it does not look professional and I think it might be good to do some SEO work on the site too. I’m not sure how these people do it, but some sites appear BIG, like they are built to serve millions, this looks nothing like that.

Press release blurb:

Cubic Mobile is a dual-band GSM/Wi-Fi phone that comes with several major innovations enabling callers to make and receive low-cost calls around the planet, wherever they roam:

* MAXroam: the world’s first universal SIM card, offering consumers the best country-to-country phone rates anywhere. The MAXroam SIM, which can also be purchased separately, is a major breakthrough, and the result of years of negotiations with GSM carriers around the world.

* As many phone numbers as you like: full PBX functionality on the handset. Consumers get a single phone number, but can create multiple permanent local numbers for themselves – up to 50 – anywhere around the globe. All calls are forwarded to their Cubic Mobile phone, no matter where the calls originate, at the best rates for the callers.

* All Voice over IP (VoIP) calls within the Cubic network are free. All Cubic Mobile customers get a short code that they can use to make free VoIP calls to any other customer on the Cubic network. This is an especially attractive feature to families who live across borders and globally distributed companies and workgroups.

Cubic Mobile has been designed by a team with extensive experience in consumer and wireless technologies. It also has the ability to route a call to the lowest cost network available, whether it is GSM or Wi-Fi. “It’s consumer friendly in many ways, said Pat Phelan. “It is friendly in its utter simplicity, but also friendly in its ability to also ensure that you and your callers are always getting the lowest rates”.

Pricing and Availability
* Cubic Mobile, which comes in two models, will be available from October 1st at The basic model will sell for EUR99.95 and a Windows Mobile version at EUR159.95 (both handsets come with a MAXroam SIM included and an initial EUR5 calling credit).

* MAXroam, which operates on any unlocked GSM phone, can be purchased separately for EUR29.99 (with an initial EUR5 calling credit) and is available on September 24th at

Fluffy Links – Tuesday September 18th 2007

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

Lucky escape for these soldiers in Iraq. Someone buried the IED too deep it seems.

The jokes had to happen. Interesting service is this,

Syria has nukes now?

Yahoo! buys another mail company?

Massive list of videos from the Sunday Night with Jools Holland and David Sanborn show.

Royksopp – Remind Me

A different version of Peaches – Fuck the pain away