Not so fluffy links – Thursday September 20th 2007

And Irish Technology Museum? Yeah why not.

The first of the free review wine from Sublime Wines was sent out this week. I see Michele got his. You can still apply to be a reviewer by the way.

Black Button, a philosophical question:

4 Responses to “Not so fluffy links – Thursday September 20th 2007”

  1. 73man says:

    We already have an Irish technology museum: it’s called the primary school system.

  2. Julian says:

    Hell’s bells. Take a week off to avoid the chaos of the office network’s being upgraded and look what happens… fair play, Sublime Wines! Perhaps the wine blogging &c. ball is beginning to roll. I’ll post about this more fully later.

  3. Michele says:


    I’ll post the review either tonight or tomorrow – been up to my eyes with work related stuff!


  4. sw says:

    speaking of blogging… does anyone know a blog searcher that searches for blog posts with the most comments on a particular subject? I think these might have some insider info on various stories…

    searching for blogs at the moment is a nightmare with all these splogs