Sounds to me like he needs to fix the disconnect between external and internal

So it seems that the shuffling of the deckchairs in the Green Party continues. I got a press release now saying Paul Gogarty is going for Cathaoirleach of the Green Party. Best of luck etc. What I found odd about the release though was this note at the end:

While he is best known outside the Party for his work as Education Spokesperson, as well as the development of “50 Steps to a Better Education System”, internally he is recognised equally for his work in supporting election candidates and local constituency groups and for his input into the party’s political strategy.

Shouldn’t you be recognised internally and externally for all your work? Seems odd. And did you know he has 6 toes on his left foot too? This is recognised internally.

2 Responses to “Sounds to me like he needs to fix the disconnect between external and internal”

  1. Greagoir says:

    Ah, to be fair now, that ‘equally’ saves the day here. Recognised externally for external work, and recognised internally both for external work and for the internal work outsiders wouldn’t really be expected to know about.

  2. Paul Gogarty canvassed us during a band practice once. We were too young to vote at the time, but he came in and sang us one of his songs. It was all about love and happiness.

    We have a recording of it somewhere.