Fluffy Links – Friday 14th September 2007

Seán is right. The eircom hotspot logo is almost the same as the RSS logo.

Conor Pope tells you how to tune in the free rugby matches on Le Sky box.

The Album Archive has moved to wordpress. Change your blog rolls. Anyone know about putting redirects on blogger for it?

Irish Uber design guru and Irish SEO expert call bullshit on another SEO “expert” coming along. Lions playing with their meal.

I agree with Russell here. I can’t read any blogs or websites with white writing on a black background. It hurts my eyes and brain quite quickly so the bookmarklet he links to is perfect.

Oh god I just adore these trainers.

23 and me. Have some of your DNA analysed and see your genetic traits. Sounds though like they’ll add it to a big DB.

Via Ben Hammersley: This is a tackle, please sing “Bomb Track” when watching this –

This is for all those (like me) who have terrible luck trying to get Arcade Fire tickets:

8 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Friday 14th September 2007”

  1. UnaRocks says:

    Amazing tackle. That dude is an animal. He should be in a cage. Or in Kings of Leon.

  2. Moving from Blogspot to WordPress I used this method. It’s supposed to redirect individual posts to their corresponding wordress equivalents but that part never worked for me. It does however preserve googlejuice, which goes to the new URL.

  3. Rahood says:

    Lions playing with their food is one way of putting it 🙂

    But thats not a ‘hair’ image,
    Nor would it be a ‘hair’ fight, Lets hope for a ‘hair’ outcome to all this. Blogging is an ‘extension’ of my thoughts as I sit in my ‘salon’ learning ‘spanish’ wondering if the ‘furniture’ I bought online will turn up. Content that as I get older I will never resort to ‘hair replacement’. Did I mention ‘hair’ yet ?

    Poor ol’ dresses.ie looks like one of those tacky lingerie/adult toy sites. Not that I would know anything about what they look like./obviously

  4. Le Catch says:

    Cheers Allan. What I’m trying to get is something that will just re-direct and incoming traffic stright over to the new URL. WordPress imports the posts for you.

  5. That method WILL redirect from your blogspot URL to your new URL but I’ve just spotted you’re not on a hosted blog so you mightn’t be able to manage it. Alternatively log in to Blogger and go Dashboard>>settings>>publishing>>Custom domain>>Advanced settings and put your new domain in the box. That should redirect from your old to new URL.

  6. Le Catch says:

    Great stuff….I’ll give it a lash now!

    Cheers again.

  7. Le Catch says:

    Sadly not:

    ‘Cannot register a subdomain.’

  8. Hmm. I suppose you could slap a big “Click here for new site” hyperlink in the header on the old blogspot. Not ideal but your readers will know where to go and it’ll show up on each blogspot page. You might try the first method as well but check you can access the necessary files on the wordpress end first.
    That is the extent of my knowledge!