Cork University Hospital cut back on cleaning to meet budget

In order to cut down on costs, the HSE are implementing the following in Cork University Hospital, according to a source in there:

  • Contract cleaners are having their hours cut to save money. Cos we need less clean hospitals with MRSA rampant.
  • Staff are going to be charged for parking now, when before it was free.
  • The hiring freeze is til December or January, not September as has been stated.
  • They are thinking of going back to a monthly pay system instead of a twoweekly system as they can let three people go then.

9 Responses to “Cork University Hospital cut back on cleaning to meet budget”

  1. Twenty Major says:

    Bunch. Of. Cunts.

    If they stopped wasting money on useless fucking pamphlets…

  2. Miltiary hospitals in the UK don’t have MRSA issues – none. ever.

    Want to know why? They clean the hospitals themselves.

    Contract cleaning is causing MRSA issues.

  3. […] is according to people talking to Mulley from CUH. In addition to cutting back on cleaning in the hospital and charging staff for parking, […]

  4. steph says:

    Nothing the HSE does surprises me any more. They have two many ‘big chiefs’ in there and not enough ‘indians’. Harney needs to ‘nuke’ the whole of the HSE and start again. Or they could go ‘voluntary’ like she’s proposing the public should do – to bale her out of trouble when her co-bloody-located hospitals come on stream!
    Regards, Steph

  5. Rahood says:

    /off topic

    But I know that you are into the power of social sites and this has yet to be picked up in Ireland.

    snipped from:::
    5:00AM Saturday September 15, 2007
    By Patrick Gower

    “Teenagers began discussing the killing on Bebo within hours of Augustine being stabbed in Herne Bay on Saturday night.
    His friends used Bebo to confront the accused as early as Sunday. This elicited a response from him. An online “lynch-mob” of hatemail followed on Monday and he handed himself in on Tuesday.”

    Did Bebo catch a killer??

  6. Philip says:

    From the Irish Times: *Chief executive of the Health Service Executive Prof Brendan Drumm has just been awarded a bonus of about €80,000, it emerged last night.* Anyone surprised?

  7. Twenty Major says:

    Apparently the longer he can leave people without treatment for terminal illnesses the more he earns.

  8. quovadis says:

    Funny that. Just blogged about this myself. No one would disagree that there is plenty of waste in the HSE. There appears however to be a lack of management ability to actually tackle the root causes, rather than the “slash and burn approach adopted to date”

  9. Matthew says:

    This cutback (it’s much more than a recruitment ban) means that my sister who is on annual leave from the reception of an X-ray dept. cannot get her job back until it ends.

    It’s so irritating to see no real changes in how the health service is being run. My local hospital (which shall remain unnamed) is badly understaffed because of the poor facilities and reputation of the hospital and the previous recruitment campaigns were not working.