Nooooooooooooooooooooo *Gasp of air* ooooooooooo *coughing fit * uuuhhhhhh. No.

Swearing Lady is signing off. Go and protest and stuff.Pretend you’re french so you can burn cars out and the like.

5 Responses to “Nooooooooooooooooooooo *Gasp of air* ooooooooooo *coughing fit * uuuhhhhhh. No.”

  1. Adam says:

    All I see in that post is information of a forced hiatus with a probably reinvention down the line.

    No need to take those poison pills just yet!

  2. She will be back – this is Freddie in a skirt!

  3. Twenty Major says:

    I hear she’s run off with United Irelander.

  4. Sweary will return. We just mightn’t realise it until it’s too late.

  5. ja says:

    Well you’ve managed to survive the last 8 days without her….