Who will buy Beaut.ie? I can’t afford it

Beaut.ie is celebrating their first birthday and have released a few stats:

Beaut.ie is read by up to 6,000 people a day (unique visitors to the site per day) and boasts over 150k hits on an average day. The sisters have clocked up almost 2000 posts (articles) on topics covering every aspect of the beauty industry – from facials to lipgloss, waxing, and latest beauty trends

The blog has received well over 50,000 comments so far from site visitors.

1 year and 50,000 comments. Holy fucking crapola! So will it be the Irish Times or the Indo or someone else?

Congrats Aisling and Kirstie, you both rock!

2 Responses to “Who will buy Beaut.ie? I can’t afford it”

  1. well done to them both..its (in my humble opinion) a slick little number.