Just cos

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  1. Conor says:

    Hmm, there was a longer version where he told Enda Kenny he couldn’t bring things up from the past. I wonder where that went.

  2. What’s a depitie? And why do they have to be reminded about things by a man dressed like priest?

  3. Andrew says:

    Oh for fucks sake.

  4. […] “I will remind the deppity”: John O’Donoghue in full fury on the floor of Dáil Éireann. Damien resurrects our brave Ceann Comhairle’s attempts to keep control of the house, only for him to show what a flustering hothead he really is. (Damien Mulley) […]

  5. tipster says:

    On what date did those exchanges occur?

    I am reminded of a report in Phoenix many years ago. Gay Mitchell referred to Deputy Stafford of FF as a Dublin gurrier, but the Ceann Comhairle of the day didn’t seem to hear it. Stafford kicked up a fuss, and Mitchell eventually withdrew the remark. And then he said “Whatever the Parliamentary equivalent of a Dublin Gurrier is, Deputy Stafford is that”. (Alas, some searching on the Oireachtas site suggests it may be a fiction, although I did read it in Magill 20 or so years ago.)

  6. […] Ok, I’ve been here like… a year and a half. I’ve been hearing people talking about The Office on a regular basis, saying it was brilliant. I’m following a lot of TV series, so I’ve been meaning to see it for months but it got delayed… Some days ago, I read a blog post by Damien Mulley with a video showing John O’Donoghue trying to get some respect from different Dail (accent missing, need to get those on the powerbook) deputies (that’s what I understood). Nothing really special, I felt like I’d seen such scenes in the french embassy so many times… Anyway, I followed a link in the comments which in turn lead to another comment saying “John O’Donoghue is the David Brent of the Dail”. […]

  7. Madison says:

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