My Grandfather’s Hands – Claire Wilson aka GingerPixel

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When Damien asked me would I do a guest photography post for his blog I at first was at a bit of a loss to find something new that I hadn’t already posted on my own blog. Then I remembered the photos of my Grandfather.


I love to take photographs of people. Nothing is so fascinating and challenging as trying to capture the subtle expressions and details that describe a person. When I approach someone to take their portrait I don’t want to just take a snapshot of them, I want something that catches a little bit more, something unique to them. As soon as people pose for a picture it’s as if they put on their photo face: they go all stiff and grimace at the camera, so a little bit of subterfuge is necessary. For this shot of my Grandfather we were sat around the dinner table after my mother had fed us all and he was in full story flow. It was simple enough to snap away without him even noticing thanks to an 85mm telephoto lens and the fact that my family are so used to me with a camera. A lot of the shots I didn’t put the camera to my eye so it was even less obtrusive.

My Grandfather has always worked with his hands. Although there are no other artists in the family, I think that I get what artistic ability I have from my DaDa. As far back as I can remember he has always been making things; his nails are permanently oil-stained from tinkering with the engines on the trucks he drove all his life. As a child we would sit at the kitchen table in his conservatory (which he built) and he would teach me to draw horses. For this reason I wanted to take photographs of his hands because they are so expressive of who he is and the life he has lived.

My Grandfather's Hands

11 Responses to “My Grandfather’s Hands – Claire Wilson aka GingerPixel”

  1. red mum says:

    Excellent post Claire, love the pics, they are really beautiful…

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  3. Maman Poulet says:

    Profiles of older people and hands – two of my favourite types of images – thanks Claire they are amazing!

  4. McAWilliams says:

    Great Pictures Claire, the Black and White and detail is fantastic, and what a great story you have told aswell.

  5. Trinity says:

    Fantastic pics! Black and White are my favs

  6. aquaasho says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Claire on a couple of occasions. She takes the most gorgeous photos!

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  8. neil says:

    Love the fingers ones

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