Subscribing to blog post comments – On the way!

Frank got on to me aaaaages ago about enabling an option so people could subscribe to the comments in individual blog posts on this site. Valid point. Frank suggested I use the Subscribe to Comments plugin and this weekend I finally finally got round to try and get it to work. This blog operates on a very old version of WordPress so there wasn’t many plugins that would still work, though the one Frank suggested said it would work fine. Yesterday evening I installed it and it rewarded me by killing the whole blog. I managed to get it back by logging in and deleting the plugin. So I think I may need to upgrade to a newer version of WordPress, just for that, which seems a waste really. I use the new version of WordPress on and frankly I prefer the older version. Nevertheless subscribing to comment is on the way.

11 Responses to “Subscribing to blog post comments – On the way!”

  1. Conor says:

    You do know the older versions of WP have nice little security holes in them…

  2. Yes, there have been *lots* of security updates since 1.5.2. Send me an email if you want a hand upgrading. You really should!

  3. Anthony says:

    Was thinking along the lines of security issues as well. 2 is quite good when you get used to it.

  4. You’re still on WordPress

  5. Ironically, my previous comment went wrong because of weird treatment of user-entered HTML by this blog.

    It said:
    You’re still on WordPress [WARNING; if the less-than character (<) was entered here directly if would mess up the comment.] 2? Madness; upgrade immediately.

    I had actually thought that that feature was built into WordPress; that’s what my page for my copy for Movable Type says. Oops…

  6. Damien says:

    @conor Aye, I best upgrade soon so

    @donncha Thanks, shame I have to upgrade at all

    @anthony I’d rather not get used to the clunkiness, but I guess I have to

    @Rob You’re still on wordpress, blogger, MovableType, which now? 🙂

  7. Anthony says:

    It’s unfortunate you have to update but its the same with most software.

  8. frankp says:

    Ooops – sorry… 😛

    I know what you mean about preferring the older versions, there are deinite functional improvements in the newer versions, but in terms of user interface the older versions feel more robust…

    Certainly looking forward to being able to subscribe to the discussions though 🙂

  9. James says:

    Don’t forget to promptly re-activate Akismet after upgrading

  10. Branedy says:

    I still run an older version of wordpress, and didn’t upgrade due to excessively complex instructions on the upgrade process. Maybe that’s why I don’t have any readers 😉

  11. Paul Walsh says:

    Allowing subscription to comments is an obvious move. If you can, try to hand code rather than use widgets and plugins – fewer to no issues when upgrading to newer versions of WordPress.