419 Scam Ads in Irish Examiner

A friend passed this on to me. His fiancée answered this ad last week that was on Page 10 of the Money and Jobs section of the Irish Examiner. She realised the ad was a scam once she got back a fishy email:

419 Scam

When she emailed asking for more details she got back this email asking for her bank details. She traced the email to an Israeli ISP:

Here’s the business bit of the email:

Unfortunately we are unable to open Bank Accounts in Ireland without first registering the company name. Secondly we cannot cash these payments from the Ireland soon enough, as international Cheques take about 15-20 working days for cash to be made available.We lose about 75,000 pounds of net income each month because we have money transfer delays.Your task is to coordinate payments from customers and help us with the payment process.You are not involved in any sales or marketing.Once orders are received and sorted we deliver the product to a customer (usually through FEDEX).The customer receives and checks the products.

After this has been done the customer has to pay for the products.About 90 percent of our customers prefer to pay through Certified Cheque and some of our customers like to pay via direct transfer into Credit Card which is most secure and fast unlike cheques. So We decided to open this new job position for solving this problem.Your tasks are:

1. Receive payment from Customers.
2. Cash Payments at your Bank (Upon my instruction).
3. Deduct 300 pounds which will be your commission/pay on each Payment


4. Forward balance after deduction of commission/pay to any of the offices you will be contacted to send payment to.(Payment is to forwarded either by MoneyGram or Western Union Money Transfer Preferably).

But the problem we have is trust, But we have our way of getting anyone that gets away with our money, I mean the IRS and Secret Service branch inWashington gets involve. Our payments will be issued out in your name and you can have them cashed at your bank or other Cashing Services.Deduct your commission and forward thebalance to the company . If you are interested, N: B, Please send to me the

listed information below:

#Your full name:

#Your full home address,

#Your age,#Occupation and as well your

#marital status, and your gender,

#direct contact telephone number:

#Your Bank name Only (only your bank name and nothing else).

Thanks for your anticipated action and we hope to hear back from you. very respectfully.

Elizabeth john
10 Kent Avenue
Brooklyn Ny11211

Someone put this on DIGG. Go here to DIGG it, thanks.

UPDATE: Ad has also appeared in the Donegal News.

23 Responses to “419 Scam Ads in Irish Examiner”

  1. Colm Doyle says:

    “And takes only little of your time”


  2. Anthony says:

    Wow! Any 419eaters out there willing to get a shrine/bust/poster/funny picture made by the would-be scammers?

  3. Tom Raftery says:

    I dunno Damien – I think you are vey quick to rush to judgment.

    Anyone who has the IRS and the Secret Service in Washington (no less) working for them has to be good, right?

  4. Damien says:

    Charming Prince of Wonderful Raftery Mr. Tom, greetings from Mulleylandosia, I am Damien, Prince son of king Mulley, most great but sadly lost leader of rich country. Er quite Tom 🙂

  5. Maman Poulet says:

    Can I be your Queen?

  6. A beautiful piece of writing all round.

    Seriously though, what were the Examiner doing accepting the ad, as it’s clearly in breach of employment equality law with the 20+ age requirement?

  7. Tim Worstall says:

    Scam Ads

    Here’s an interesting little project. This is from the Irish press, via Damien Mulley. It’s a scam, of course (one of two possible actually. It’s either processing stolen money or draining your account via something akin to kiting). So, could

  8. Cathy says:

    3000 pounds (pounds? In 07 Ireland?) for a part time job with a hotmail address, alarm bells should start ringing from the first word. Does anyone read these before publishing them?

  9. […] Damien unearthed a 419 scammer who’s advertising in an Irish newspaper. The cheeky feckers. Also, he’s offering to do free P.R. for my new site ShiteDrivers.com – which, itself, has seen a small accelleration in signups and posts exposing poor driving lately. Cormac also gave the site a mention on his InPhotos site, so yeah – as it’s getting a bit more exposure, I must have a look at tidying up the layout and design and jazzing it up a bit with some new features. Anyone any good at logo design like to offer their talents for a new ShiteDrivers(.com) logo? […]

  10. Now I’m really depressed. Nigerian 419 scammers can get into the Examiner but we can’t.

    Our next Press release will start:

    “Dear Kind, I represent the estate of the late King of LouderVoice, His Excellence Conoron E Ill…….”

  11. […] On Wednesday of this week, Damien Mulley reported on his blog about a scam that was being operated via an advert in the Irish Examiner. The advert offers a jon that pays £3000 per week, for 2-3 hours work. When you contact them, they tell you it is to do with lodging cheques, removing your comission and sending them on the balance, as they are a foreign (UK or US) based company which cannot legally setup accounts in your country. […]

  12. […] Spotted by Damien Mulley in the Examiner and then Damien Blake(FF Cllr.) in the Donegal News […]

  13. […] For more on this, read my original post or Damien Mulley’s post, where I first learned about the ad in the Irish Examiner.    Shaun Doherty Show – Scam – 27 Aug 2007 [10:17m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download […]

  14. Gazaaa says:

    Looks like Harvey investment is been ripped off too. If you go to http://hinvestment.st/index.php it shows the same page as http://www.harveyinvestment.com/ except for a job section which is the same as the scam on the examiner. Whats the world coming to!!

  15. D.Gillen says:

    Im an Irish scambaiter and I have this is a new one for me. The cheek of those Nigerian scammers, they’ll try anything to achieve innocent peoples money. This is why I became a scambaiter(AKA 419eaters). Im going to try my luck with this guy see if I can get anything out of him, ill post back if I do. 😉

  16. Noreen McDonagh says:

    That same Ad appeared in FOINSE, the National Irish Newspaper, not just once but in their last TWO editions!

  17. […] people are now being contacted by Nigerians peddling phony job opportunities (remember those 419 scams in the Examiner jobs section?) Millions of people trusted Monster.com with their information – not […]

  18. marc says:

    hey i actually was stupid enough to follow up on the ad which was advertised in a loca news paper…. the northside people in dublin….. i recieved that exact mail and i think i must have been out of my mind…. but i replied to it with my address…. and bank name… not my account… can they access anything?

    they replied there and told me a cheque was on its way….

    any advice people?

  19. Damien says:

    I’d inform your bank asap.

  20. dave C says:

    This Ad has now found it’s way into the Brits Ex-pat newspaper here in spain Costa Blanca News ( fri.16 Nov.2007)

  21. Damien,

    this kind of scam is mostly done by east Europeans and Russians. It is basically one method of money laundering.

    Once the “Agent” has picked up the cash from his bank and sent it on using Westen Union, the money has effectively disappeared. This is good for washing all sorts of illicit cash originating from Drug or other illegal deals.

    The innocent “Agent” is, of course, the one who gets nabbed by the law for money laundering and fraud.


  22. Nic says:

    Just to let you know that this ad has been running in the Carlow Nationalist for the past couple of weeks, I sent an email looking for further information and was also forwarded the above details, I emailed back just to do a bit of digging myself and they advised that you can earn up to €1500 a week !!!! I have since contacted the Nationalist and advised them that the ad was a scam and they have now pulled the ad.

  23. Yes, this is a typical Transfer Agent Scam. Unusual is the fact that they put an ad in the paper.

    They must have been testing new ways of getting potential victims.