Fluffy Links – Monday August 20th 2007

Want to write about Rugby during the World Cup? Talk to Gerry.

Shite Drivers is now up and running. Visit and contribute. Niall, I am willing to do PR for the site for free. Just so I can see the word “shite” in print.

iQ Content are looking for a projector manager.

I’m still looking for a sponsor for “Best Blog Post of the Week”

David LaChapelle takes great photos.

Blogging not dead. Just smells that way.

BBC gets social bookmarking. Nice. Expect rise in Beeb stories on various sites. RTE, listening?

How did Skype go down and slowly and sluggishly recover? Lot to do with it being a parasitic network. A few DDOSs and you could wipe out this billion dollar subsidiary of eBay.

WTF. More on the gay “lifestyle choice”.

I want to see this on a bigger screen. Helvetica the film.

Via MeFi – This isn’t easy:

and THIS is just insane.

M.I.A – Bird Flu (she’ll be at Elec Pic)

7 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Monday August 20th 2007”

  1. seamus says:

    “BBC gets social bookmarking. Nice. Expect rise in Beeb stories on various sites. RTE, listening?”

    RTE have been doing this for a few months now iirc. The ‘share this’ button at the end of each story pops open a window with links to most of the big sites.

  2. Lar says:

    Hi Damien,

    thanks a million for the link re: Project Manager.

    Much appreciated


  3. frankp says:

    That backflip is mad. At first I couldn’t see the wire and thought you were saying hovering in mid air is difficult. I love the guy who says ‘yah!’ at the end of it.

    That kids book is insane. Could it be a pisstake done through those one off publishing online tools? Or perhaps it’s scientolgist material…

  4. Cian says:

    Shite Drivers – I guess driving a car in an active bus lane counts? Then I may just help out.

  5. Neal says:

    Welcome to slacklining guys. Yes, it looks like a tight-rope……only slack.

    Helped an Aussie bloke practice for this maneuver a couple of years back – involved the use of some bed matresses for a landing zone 🙂

  6. Niall O'K says:

    Thanks for the link – and the offer Damien… I’ll quite happily take you up on it!

    As for the site itself, what with being mad busy in my day job (loads of overtime at the moment) – and putting in extra work on my radio programme, I’ve not had the time to dedicate to it, so its basic design and functionality will be staying put for now.

    Nice that we’ve a few more contributors though and it looks like plenty of content is on the way.

  7. Brian Turner says:

    Heh, on SD it sounds as though the Irish have a lot in common with drivers in the Scottish Highlands. Seriously, I’ve never seen such bad driving since I moved up here. Seems the favourite SD tactic is overtaking at speed on a blind corner.

    A couple of months back – it’s near midnight, dark, thick fog – some nutter overtakes 3 of us on a blind corner at 70+mph.

    And some Scots actually wonder why they have such a bad accident rate…