Using social media to get a job – The not so great ways of doing it

I was interviewed this week about Facebook and LinkedIn and all the various social networking sites and whether they are a good way of business networking and ways of getting jobs. I answered in the positive and gave my reasoning and advice. Anyways, I should have reference how NOT to get yourself noticed with social media.

From the wiki entry of Aleksey Vayner:

In October 2006, Yale University student Aleksey Vayner applied for a job with UBS AG, the world’s largest wealth management company. Amused by Vayner’s apparent puffery, an unknown member of UBS staff emailed his application materials to other investment banks. They were soon posted on various blogs, then YouTube, from where they became an immense viral Internet phenomenon

Read the whole Wiki entry, the guy really was caught out a beaut and then his “charity” and “investment bank” and “book” were caught out too. Here’s a video, car crash TV –

Impossible is Nothing:

And a great spoof by Michael Cera – Impossible is the opposite to possible:

2 Responses to “Using social media to get a job – The not so great ways of doing it”

  1. Twenty Major says:

    What a fucking twat.

  2. Cian says:

    Confidence is a preference for the habitual voyeur of what is known as parklife. *cough*