Fluffy Links – Thursday August 16th 2007

Ireland’s first ever Twitter users meetup is on tonight. Next time if it is on a weekend, the rest of us non-Dublin folks could come along.

Y’know yer man that mooned some important person’s gaff in Senegal? (Could I get more obtuse) Green Ink wants to start a campaign to get him released. This is yer man’s Bebo.

Paige gets into management consultant mode.

Hah and hah hah.

Twitter saves TinyURL?

Frank Black – Rockafeller Skank.

Listening to Phantom a lot of late and hearing a guy called The Mighty Stef. Love his/their new song – Poisonous Love:

Very surprised that this is the next release from the Chems. Great tune though. The Chemical Brothers – Salmon dance

There’s a comp too where you an upload your own video and you might win some tickets to a show.

4 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Thursday August 16th 2007”

  1. lexia says:

    We’ll absolutely look at moving the next Tweetup to the weekend to accomodate non Dublin Tweeter users.

  2. Green Ink says:

    And have you a dare for Lazzyass?

  3. Bon says:

    The Twitter/TinyURL data is pretty inconclusive. I see no correlation.

  4. blankpaige says:

    Damien, many thanks for the two fluffy links. Cyber hugs back at you.