Fluffy Links – Tuesday August 14th 2007

New Blogs on the Block for this week. And last.

Silly season? Nawww. Overdosing on espressos.

Net neutrality in the UK? UK ISPs want a cut if the BBC wants to stream TV. Slippery slope or some such hand-waving thing.

Doggie sperm banks. It was only a matter of time I suppose.

Greatest movie ever? :

In one scene, a cute, topless girl is roughly tied down on a table by evil female Nazi experimenters who begin draining her blood and, as she screams in agony, they brand her like livestock with a coal-hot steel swastika,” our source said. “And every girl in the Nazi concentration camp is topless.”

The Penny Gap. Charging someone a buck for someting they paid nothing for before is not as easy as increasing the dollar a month service to two dollars.

This is Generation Now and they don’t care about privacy.

The Defrag conference looks good.

Plaid – Itsu

Rilo Kiley – Money Maker:

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday August 14th 2007”

  1. UnaRocks says:

    Silly season story of the day: 10 minute report on Morning Ireland about a phone box in Galway that’s being removed.

  2. Gareth Stack says:

    Any idea when Grindhouse is getting an Irish release? I remember the rumor was they were going to break it into two films over here *headshake*.