Irish Tech Company Profiles – 17 Profiles so far

A while back I posted that I was looking to do some profiles of tech companies. After emailing every Business Innovation Centre, every City and County Enterprise Board and sticking it on the blog, I got 17 replies. You’d think there’d be more people interested in that. Shame really. I’m not sure exactly what else I am meant to do to help get tech companies some attention but this seems to have failed a little. Still, the next time I hear tech companies bitch about lack of coverage and I know they got my email and didn’t bother filling in a simple form, you can imagine what I’ll say. One lovely “go to” person in one of the groups linked me to a fucking website and suggested I contact each one of her companies. Should I have also written their marketing plan?

Anyways, here are 17 of the companies so far who I will profile in the next while:

Beecher Networks Ltd
iQ Content
Magnetic Time
Tourist Republic
Stealth Shield
CREMe Software
Time Warden Ltd.
Hosting 365

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8 Responses to “Irish Tech Company Profiles – 17 Profiles so far”

  1. Keith says:

    Missed the first call as I was on my holliers. You’ll be getting some from me today/tomorrow.

  2. Paul Walsh says:

    Sorry for not replying too. Did Enterprise Ireland help or am I being silly? Here are some email addresses for you to lash:

    Tom Hayes
    Stephen Hughes Head of EI for Northern Europe
    Ruairi OhAilin
    Peet Andrew
    Pat O’Brien
    Grainne Ryan
    Benjamin Mosse

  3. Paul Walsh says:

    I think the comment field stripped out my email addresses so give me a shout if you want them.

  4. Lenny says:

    Hi Damien,

    dont think I got an email from you, if your interested PollDaddy would love to talk to you 😉

  5. James says:

    That reminds me I must fill out the form. Some interesting companies there that I didn’t know were from Ireland.

  6. […] We’re getting lots of traffic to this site since Damien was kind enough to mention us on his blog. I want to welcome anyone that’s visits this site and would like to draw their attention to two specific pages on this site; here & here. […]

  7. I wanted to but we are just not ready yet Damien for that kind of exposure. Its great talking with the business and design community about developing our apps but the betas are just not at a stage that would reflect well on us if put out to a wider audience. We have a strict schedule in place now to finish by October end and have them up and running a while before the states. Then trust me we will be shouting 🙂

  8. Hey, I would be very interested in this – will the profile also include a section on what the “value proposition” of each tech company is?

    This is the most difficult thing to grasp for most tech company business owners, and I think if you were able to push the importance of this, then tech Ireland will do extremely well.