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Fluffy Links – Thursday July 12th 2007

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

Gerry says work productivity is up during this summer season. One wonders why.

The Beeb are liveblogging from the News 24 Studio from 10am this morning.

7 Wonders of the Tech World.

Now you can pay a fortune to have interior weeds. No, not weed. Weeds.

Free download of the Stereogum OK Computer tribute album.

Cheers J.

Well, looks like the Greens are saying things I like, again.

The headline “Websites urged to do more to prevent suicide pacts” annoys me. Is it in Bebo’s social remit to do the work of Government agencies? People create suicide pacts and have for centuries, why is the focus on the web as some kind of cause of it?

Cheers J.

This is some pic. Damn.

Smack. dunnnn. – Watch more free videos

Elvis Perkins on Letterman(Thanks to Gavin for the recommendation):

BBB – Bring Back Blogorrah Day 2 – Sightings and theories

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

Bring Back Blogorrah

To be read out in a Geordie accent:

Day 2 of Bring Back Blogorrah and while it seems Derek O’Connor is off curating a fesival in Donegal (starts today!) some believe that John Ryan has in fact given into his desires and shut down Blogorrah to do some Twink romancing.

Maybe this should be on – HP builds tech for cosmetics industry

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

At that HP event in Lisbon, we were shown a new tech product that HP developed where people text a photo of themselves to a number and it will text you back with makeup recommendations. Using HP colour matching technology, their servers will suggest what foundation is best for your skin tone. It worked quite well and might be a boon for online stores like StrawberryNet though I’m sure it will be nothing to match the expertise of the ladies and gentlemen that work at the makeup counters at BT. As of this morning, the NDA on this tech has been removed.

I’m sure though that there are way way more uses for such technology, and this is just the start. Just like Google’s 411 service is building a massive database of voices and accents so they can make better algorithms for voice recognition, this HP service could very much be used as a database to improve facial recognition algorithms.

Or maybe they’ll just keep running it as Queer Eye for the Tech Guy.

Fluffy Links – Wednesday July 11th 2007

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

Lili has been taking fantastic photos for years, got very close to nabbing an award at the blog awards and this week has been putting up some of her wonderful photos from Oxegen.

Morons break into an office and have no clue how to do their job properly, end up using the office computer to Google on how to crack a safe and actually make it happen and scidaddle with 12k.

Derek Byrne has a companion blog to his Album Archive show on Phantom. This is said blog.

Via the Media Forum is news of a new Irish book called Mapping Irish Media.

Michele has a good guide on how to buy print advertising, especially if you are used to the online world of buying ads.

Gav found this not me. Into foot fetishes? 🙂

and what a strange segway to this:

Fujiya & Miyagi: Ankle Injuries

Currently listening to…

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

Bands I’m currently listening to: Modest Mouse, Good Bad The Queen, Ratatat, Polyphonic Spree, My Beautiful Diamond, Feist, Great Lake Swimmers, The Gossip, Fujiya & Miyagi, Sons and Daughters, Amiina

And you? What new stuff is on your iPod?

BBB – Bring Back Blogorrah – Day 1

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

Update, thanks to the Swiss Job, we have a logo:

Bring Back Blogorrah

While the Blogorrahistas are sorting out their “webdev” issues, someone needs to fill the need for goss and dross. Now we have had a few efforts recently from Adrian but the people need more. With so many media folks reading the site daily, surely these same people have access to all the great photos the PR companies were sending on and can make witty/catty blog posts about them? Add into the mix other videos and things like that found about the place and we can have our very own distributed Blogorrah, while we wait for the return. If you want to partake, create your own BBB – bring back blogorrah post and mark what day it is in the campaign.

Further update: Turning into the Judean Peoples Front and the Peoples Front of Judea now. Alternative logo:

Bring Back Blogorrah Logo 2

Now here for your viewing pleasure is idiots at Oxegen getting all muddy. Hurry up before the organisers make people in wigs even more money:

One of the dozens of mud fights at Oxegen:

An Irish mud angel:

and it’s not just Irish people acting the bollox. Here’s Jake Shears from Scissor Sisters showing his:

Fluffy Links – Tuesday July 10th 2007

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

Women demand removal of short fat bollards because they remind them of penises. Obviously those ladies need to shop around. *cough*

Stephen has a blog. In fact he has two. His blog about Toilets got him onto the Rick O’Shea show. But he prefers his main blog where he has his “fuckers list“.

Wouldn’t you just call it a “speaker?” Sony intros a TV for the blind.

Via Weckorrah (again) it seems Kathryn Thomas was miffed over a pisstake of her in an ad from Magnet:

They also said that the Magnet Networks advertisement contained the following, which they believed to be a reference to Ms. Thomas:
“Bogband — it’s broadband that slows down when you need it most. Your friend got it because a blonde girl from a travel show told him it was great but what that genius forgot to mention was high contention — broadband’s dirty little secret.

Staying on that theme: Trev revs up his new motor. Him and his other biatches will now be big greenin’

New blogs on the block for this week.

Bonus link to a new blog: Midget Wrangler. Give her attention. Anyone that likes Beth Ditto is an ok guy in my books.

LouderVoice is now doing audio reviews. Videos next.

With punishment beatings on the wane and fuck all kneecappings happening, the yoof of the North need a way of inflicting damage to their bodies. (I think the Osteo wards are secretly sponsoring this.)

Parkour in the Nord:

More Nordie Parkour. I just can’t believe they used *that* remix of Jump Around, if there was any remix to be chosen it shoulda been the Butch Vig one. I mean jesus like. Tut.

Facebook – New Group – “Will code for food – Ireland”

Monday, July 9th, 2007

Yes I’m on Facebook. Sssh. It’s better than LinkedIn, though still woeful. Anyways, since there isn’t a central place for finding people in Ireland who have spare time to do some programming work, I created a Facebook group called “Will code for food – Ireland”. Add yourself to it if you want to do some nixers, foxers etc. I’m sure using the word code will annoy some people. 🙂

NOT just .. Feedburner feeds fubared

Monday, July 9th, 2007

Update 4: Issues with caching on, see comments from Donncha below. Thanks Donncha!

Update 3: WordPress are aware of whatever this is. Zero day exploit?

Update 2: Seems it isn’t just Feeburner. Said “security” site showed up the in the feed of OffTheMeatrack as well. Twenty spotted that one. So is someone hacking WordPress which in turn changes the feeds of the sites?

Update: Changed the post title. Seems this is happening with more than one site. Michele is getting the random blogs for blog feeds he has subbed to.

Is it Om’s Feed or Feedburner itself?

This is what I get for the feedburner feed of the GigaOm site:

Om hack

Anyone else getting this?

It goes to this website.

Further details on new O2 broadband package

Monday, July 9th, 2007

From the press release:

O2 Broadband, through a wireless USB modem, will enable up to 10GB of data to be downloaded as standard per month, with no additional charges for occasional usage in excess of this. O2 is the first mobile provider in Ireland not to automatically charge customers if they exceed the 10GB usage limit, subject to fair usage policy.

The service will initially be available for a three month introductory price of €15 per month for those with an existing O2 post-pay voice connection or for new post-pay customers taking a voice connection*. It will be €20 for all other customers. Following the three month promotional period, the monthly cost is €30 (with voice connection*). For all other customers the cost is €40 per month. The USB modem will be priced from €69 (all prices quoted are inclusive of VAT).

I’ll be trialing it this week to see what it’s like. I’m going to try and get clarification on the “occasional usage” line.

Update: So basically 02 are saying, don’t ride the system and everything will be ok. If someone goes over they will be informed if they will be charged if they further go over the cap.