Fluffy Links – Tuesday July 31st 2007

Via Pat. Send texts from as little as 1 cent.

This week’s new blogs on the block.

Last chance for Paddy’s Valley this week. Spaces still available. Details here.

Tech company profiles, why not have your own company profiled? So far I’ve gotten 14 profiles sent in. We surely have more tech companies in Ireland than that?

I really thought online group buying died a death?

Richard Hawley – Tonight The Streets Are Ours

Albert Hammond Jr. – In Transit:

One Response to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday July 31st 2007”

  1. dahamsta says:

    That group-buying interface is very wishy-washy; i.e. there no explanation of the mechanisms involved, like how the prospects and the vendors “link up”, or how you make sure prospects will follow through on their pledges. Myself and Walter Wynne have developed a concept that covers all those things, which we’ll be rolling out when he returns to Ireland. We’ll see then if group buying really has died a death. 😉