Fluffy Links – Friday July 27th

Una Rocks, no Una Jacks. It would be terribly awful if people starting calling her that. Just awful. Anyway, visit her jacks graffiti blog.

Like Una, Mark Webster has also started another blog.

Fantastic predictive piece on how the media and web will react to the BBC iPlayer.

I want this Doggy. Why doesn’t anyone buy my expensive pieces of modern art, eh?

Via Walter Zack Snyder talks Watchmen

Equire now launch a TV channel. Every newspaper and magazine should have one. Rumour has it that Blogorrah is actually going to be launching an online TV channel too.

Via metafilterZotero is a neat firefox plugin for scholars.

Via Mr. T: Skittles Touch:

A weird Intel music video about computer security, directed by Christopher Guest.

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