Fluffy Links – Monday July 23rd 2007

Check out Dick O’Brien’s cycling blog.

Ultraviolet, the brit vampire series (nothing to do with shitty movie) is only €10.49 online. Recommend getting it. Brilliant show.

Harass Brian into making his HTTP bargain search idea into a Firefox Extension.

BP have had more eco-friendly petrol stations designed. Gnatt on the arse of an elephant really.

Staying on that theme. Paris buys 22,000 bikes for its citizens to use for as little as a euro a day.

Via some random visitor to my blog is this: Harry Potter is thinly-veiled homosexual propaganda. Between that and Star Wars, I’m shocked.

Iron and Wine cover “No Surprises”:

We’ve seen the 1500 Phillipino prisoners doing Thriller right?

I think I like the Bollywood version more:

6 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Monday July 23rd 2007”

  1. Brian White says:

    Firefox extension? I’ll get right* on it!

    * After I finish** work.
    ** Including tidying*** up at home.
    *** And making dinner.

  2. […] Damien wonders if Harry Potter is thinly-veiled homosexual propaganda […]

  3. uscnir says:

    I was watching the Thriller vid and was saying to myself at the start “that’s one brave woman to go into the middle of 1500 male prisoners” . . . . and then I saw the truth – dear God

  4. […] Harry Potter and the Hogwarts LGBT Soc 23Jul07 Haha, priceless – Via Damien’s Fluffy links, a tale that the Harry Potter is “thinly veiled homosexual propoganda“. […]

  5. manuel says:

    Spent a very enjoyable evening with Iron And Wine after a gig in Belfast a few years back. Sam’s a great guy, never bought a round all the same…

  6. Simon says:

    Yeah these advertising guys JC Decaux are the ones who are going to do bikes in Dublin too so worth watching this space. A mate of mine was an early adopter last week when visiting Paris. The report forgot to mention you give an €150 deposit on your credit card so as to ensure a duty of care. Also that, at launch, the whole thing is hugely buggy from a technology/invoicing point of view. Guess they’ll sort that out though.