Just business – PV, Profiles, Wicklow

Signups to Paddy’s Valley now that it is crunch time are beyond pathetic. 4 people have booked hotels when around 20 people originally said they’d go. We’ve agreed to keep registrations open for another week but after that, anyone that wants to go can go book the hotel themselves. The trouble is, we had planned on 20 people and were getting a group discount for that so for the very few that have gone, it might now cost more. After all the work from Conor, James and myself and the commitment from Enterprise Ireland, it’d be a shame if a whole 6 people walked the walk.

I mentioned yesterday that I want to profile tech companies. I’d appreciated if you could spread the word on that and add yourself if you fit the criteria.

Giving a talk in Wicklow on Monday. Pop along if you’re in the neighbourhood.

2 Responses to “Just business – PV, Profiles, Wicklow”

  1. Pat Phelan says:

    Would love to go, but commitments on those dates catch me, thats why I dint follow up when date changed, I think it would be a disgrace if only 6 travel after all the work that has gone into it.

  2. I didnt see a time limit on the hotel booking in the post. I was waiting till the next pay day before moving on it.