Meebo usage stats – 7.65 million unique screen names a month

From their blog:

In the last thirty days, 7.65 million unique screen names have successfully made it into meebo. Yikes. When you guys get in, you spend a long long time. You all spend, on average, 60-70 minutes per login.

Bloody hell! I’m still waiting for them to turn their interace into a complete online OS. Meebo storage next please.

5 Responses to “Meebo usage stats – 7.65 million unique screen names a month”

  1. Gav Reilly says:

    Does that include the 80,000-odd ‘guest’ names?…

  2. Gav Reilly says:

    …in that I mean, about 7.5m of those, at least, are probably autogenerated visitor Guest names from people passing by to blogs like this one.

    If there was 7.65 million names a month I’m sure more people on the street would have heard of it.

  3. Damien says:

    Doubt it is guest names, if so, that’s a dodgy figure. Remember too that unique screen names, could be owned by 3 million users or if they are like me and have MSN, AIM and Yahoo! via it, that’s 2 million users. Still not bad at all at all.

  4. Dave says:

    Now if it only worked on my Linux box in work! I’ve no idea why it doesn’t!

  5. Tom Young says:

    I think it rocks!