Fluffy Links – July 13th 2007

Date and hotel decided for Paddy’s Valley. Come along, y’all.

Another day, another mention of Derek from Blogorrah. If in Donegal, check out his “Faraway, so close” video installation blurb:

Created by New York resident Derek O’Connor (of Bloggorah fame), this installation brings six Irish residents back home, by way of intimate video portraits that candidly capture them going about their daily duties across the water.

Pat outlines his plans for Roam4Free version 2.0. Looks good.

Rob talks about Banking 2.0 and Liam talks about Local 2.0. Rob says:

Any bank which will put up a website showing the operational status of its ATMs on a Google map, with usage frequency, broken-ness and tendency to insist on dispensing fifty euro notes displayed, will earn my everlasting gratitude.

Liam says:

I want an rss feed that alerts me when someone submits a planning application which impacts on the area where I live. I want the local council to provide a Wiki attached to planning applications so that locals can easily comment and enter into a discussion on the merits or otherwise of said development

Can’t you just route around them and hack something together that could do those things, without neeing to plug into those two different by similar bureaucracies?

Check out the Anna Livia indie hour blog.

This is a nice and inspiring post from Rick Perlinger, who works with the Internet Archive to archive old industrial films and so much more. The post is from a talk and is called On the Virtues of Preexisting Material. Nice take on copyright and remix culture.

Remember the TV show “Bertha”?

And a lesson on user interfaces from Bertha:

Via Walter is the display in Fremont Street, take a few nati-overthetoppatriotism pills first though:

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  1. Damien B says:

    Legend. Was arguing with a mate recently over the-tv-show-with-the-machine-that-could-make-anything, he reckoned it never happened and I couldn’t think of the name. Perfect for a Friday morning!