Fluffy Links – Thursday July 12th 2007

Gerry says work productivity is up during this summer season. One wonders why.

The Beeb are liveblogging from the News 24 Studio from 10am this morning.

7 Wonders of the Tech World.

Now you can pay a fortune to have interior weeds. No, not weed. Weeds.

Free download of the Stereogum OK Computer tribute album.

Cheers J.

Well, looks like the Greens are saying things I like, again.

The headline “Websites urged to do more to prevent suicide pacts” annoys me. Is it in Bebo’s social remit to do the work of Government agencies? People create suicide pacts and have for centuries, why is the focus on the web as some kind of cause of it?

Cheers J.

This is some pic. Damn.

Smack. dunnnn.

http://view.break.com/329276 – Watch more free videos

Elvis Perkins on Letterman(Thanks to Gavin for the recommendation):

2 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Thursday July 12th 2007”

  1. zee homebug says:

    I think those interiors weeds are really pretty! I don’t think it’s a commercial product though- just a design project.

  2. EPUK says:

    Hi there, Elvis Perkins is playing a couple of show in the UK – One in Scotland and one at the Southwold festival. More details on the UK Elvis Perkins website http://www.elvisperkins.co.uk