BBB – Bring Back Blogorrah Day 2 – Sightings and theories

Bring Back Blogorrah

To be read out in a Geordie accent:

Day 2 of Bring Back Blogorrah and while it seems Derek O’Connor is off curating a fesival in Donegal (starts today!) some believe that John Ryan has in fact given into his desires and shut down Blogorrah to do some Twink romancing.

4 Responses to “BBB – Bring Back Blogorrah Day 2 – Sightings and theories”

  1. M Buckley says:

    Just dropping by to say “Hello”.

    Probably everybody is in holiday mood
    at the moment, so it may be weeks
    before Blogorrah gets into full swing again?

  2. coffeeanabun says:

    Where did it all go wrong?

  3. KKCAT says:

    Ah lads the logo is shite. And what’s the question mark all about? What’s the question mark? All? About?

  4. Shane says:

    There’s a new post on Blogorrah today claiming that it will return. All down to your logo. Probably.