NOT just .. Feedburner feeds fubared

Update 4: Issues with caching on, see comments from Donncha below. Thanks Donncha!

Update 3: WordPress are aware of whatever this is. Zero day exploit?

Update 2: Seems it isn’t just Feeburner. Said “security” site showed up the in the feed of OffTheMeatrack as well. Twenty spotted that one. So is someone hacking WordPress which in turn changes the feeds of the sites?

Update: Changed the post title. Seems this is happening with more than one site. Michele is getting the random blogs for blog feeds he has subbed to.

Is it Om’s Feed or Feedburner itself?

This is what I get for the feedburner feed of the GigaOm site:

Om hack

Anyone else getting this?

It goes to this website.

4 Responses to “NOT just .. Feedburner feeds fubared”

  1. Michele says:


    At first I thought it was a Google reader issue, but it looks like something really odd is going on chez FeedBurner.

    I got a completely random Spanish blog instead of one of the feeds I normally read. I went to another feed and then back again and it had returned to normal.



  2. It wasn’t a hack, some problems with caching, that’s all. All resolved now. Check the main blog for a post about in a few minutes.

  3. […] And finally, despite how it may have looked, we had a few caching problems this evening which were quickly fixed. Thanks Twenty for the email and screenshot. […]

  4. roosta says:

    Whats happening my site!!!

    Im scared?!