YouTube Irish Edition – Get our flag right for starters

Green. White. Orange. Not Gold. Get it right.

I like the new Ireland version of YouTube. The featured videos are yawntastic but I like seeing what appear to be the most recent Irish videos uploaded. It seems a new video is going online every 10-20 minutes. Nothing compared to YouTube overall but that’s very encouraging. Also you can see the list of Most Viewed Irish Content today. Very handy, nice to see some better stats.

If you remove the most viewed videos of all time which do not have Irish content. (The most viewed video uploaded by an Irish person is an Aerosmith video, watched over 2.4 million times.) then the most watched video that an Irish person uploaded but was not filmed in Ireland was of dominos using PCs, filmed in California. Love the Irish accent. So an Irish uploader AND contains some Irish content is a clip from the TV show naked camera, watched 1.29M times. RTE NEED to get their stuff onto YouTube where they’d clean up and reach a whole new audience. It makes sense chaps:

Next is non-commercial. The most watched non-Commerical video uploaded by an Irish person is Lorcan Finnegan‘s Sweettalk which was watched 630,000 times:

But still, Lorcan is a pro, so the most watched amateur Irish video uploaded by an Irish person is…

An I.R.A. video. Lovely. Watched 400,000 times. Actually the clips themselves look like they are from pro news services. Sigh.

So it looks like the most watched, homemade video is … kids kicking the shit out of each other. Watched 330,000 times and set to awful music:

But there’s some good stuff too.

A guy called Ciaran Clancy did a video clip using scenes from the movie Baraka set to the music of The Cars are the Stars (formerly Playdoh). I like.

4 Responses to “YouTube Irish Edition – Get our flag right for starters”

  1. Damien B says:

    Was just looking up the “Politics” section on when I got your post. The Politics section is completely american, from what I can see.

  2. Damien B says:

    Looks like YouTube are most interested in modern Celtic Tiger Ireland.

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