Fluffy Links – June 6th 2007

Sweary wants to share the link love. Get your free link from her.

Eeeek. Using Favicon to make you think you are on a safe site.

Lithuania gets 1gbps Fibre to the home.

Via Kottke:

“When there is a blackout in New York, the first articles appear in 15 minutes; we get queries in two seconds.” No matter how hard CNN or Digg or Twitter works to harness their audience to break news, hooking up Google search queries to Google News in a useful manner would likely scoop them all every time.

The Apple geeks get very geeky and fanboyish with the iPhone ads.

One way to go.

Immendorff was discovered naked having his nipples licked by a retinue of seven young filles de joie, while 11 grams of cocaine lay ready for consumption … trial the following year, Immendorff admitted cocaine possession, and having organised 27 similar orgies between February 2001 and the date of his arrest. In the light of his confession and his terminal illness, he was put on probation and heavily fined.

Via It feels very odd downloading a legal movie from a site called The Pirate Bay.

Mr. Woo Robots:

Boogie Nights – Star Wars Edition:

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  1. Twenty Major says:

    Embedded videos that autoplay should be shot in the face.