The National Carrier saves the day even though it isn’t their problem

Thanks Aer Lingus. Thanks to Piaras up there in Cork Airport who left a note to keep an eye out for my bag. It arrived tonight via BMI from Birmingham. Now, why would Aer Lingus give a shit about an SAS customer, who lost his bag in Dublin, who Sky Handling Partners were mishandling and whose bag was delivered to Cork, not by them but by BMI? Makes a change that airlines and people in airlines still give a damn even when it isn’t their customer. I can be sure Ryanair wouldn’t do this and as can be seen SAS really couldn’t care less.

3 Responses to “The National Carrier saves the day even though it isn’t their problem”

  1. Pat Phelan says:

    Really looking forward to my flight with SAS to Stockholm next week now Damien 🙁

  2. Tim says:

    Were you flying in to Cork Airport by any chance? My wifes luggage was late every time she flew to Cork with SAS or Aer Lingus, she eventually quit the job but not after getting countless freebies from SAS for delayed luggage. She got clothes and make up, and all sorts of stuff, did you not get anything? Their baggage handlers broke my suitcase in Gothenburg once, I got a new suitcase, but no apology. They damaged our pram in Copenhagen, nothing done about that tough shit.
    SAS are high up on my list of useless bastards also.

  3. Salubri says:

    Nice… Aer Lingus take 3 weeks to find my fiancee’s luggage (that wandered off to Dubai and then Germany on our trip back from Boston) but they find SAS passenger’s luggage for them promptly…

    Makes sense in an Irish kind of way!