SAS Lost my baggage – They don’t seem to care

Bag with all my clothes and other bits and pieces missing since yesterday. Online tracing thing is useless. When I rang the Sky Handling Partner all they could tell me was that it was on an Aer Lingus flight and did not know where to or when it was arriving. Fanfuckingtastic. Aer Lingus don’t fly to Copenhagen either. Odd.

Update: Finally they answered the phones at Sky Handling Partner. They told me it was in Cork with an attitude like I should know this and it was my fault. I asked were they sure and they said no but yes but no but yes it was there since 1630. I asked when I was not told this and was told they didn’t know. I asked isn’t it their job to tell me this and again I was told they didn’t know. No answer from any of the Cork numbers for Sky Handling Partner. No answer from SAS customer service at all today, either engaged or ringing out.

8 Responses to “SAS Lost my baggage – They don’t seem to care”

  1. eoin says:

    Hi there,

    Hope you get your luggage. In the meantime, to go with your “google to get laid” post, perhaps you might appreciate this?


  2. that girl says:

    mmm not good news. I’m flying with them at the end of the month so I’ll watch this space with interest.

  3. Ciarán says:

    That’s a pity: I’ve flown SAS many’s a time and always found them wonderful. On one occasion they didn’t have a veggie meal for my girlfriend at the time and the pilot gave her his. I think he fainted though: we had a rough landing.

    I hope you get the luggage back…

  4. Damien says:

    Still no luck with the luggage. Assholes. SAS charge for food and drinks now Ciarán. The plane was shit too. Like a sauna and cramped.

  5. Ciarán says:

    Crap. I’m increasingly averse to flying and this sort of story just adds to my inclination to look for any alternative going. I took the seven hour train journey from Boston to Washington last week purposefully as a less humiliating alternative to the hour-long flight.

    That said, when the conductor at Boston discovered that I’m Irish he regailed me with several bad paddy jokes and then belted out the first two verses of the Forty Shades of Green. So the trip was not entirely free of discomfort.

  6. dahamsta says:

    Set Twenty on them.


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