Still at Reboot

Still at reboot, tune into my Twitter so get updates. Ewan McIntosh did the best talk so far. 90% of people with laptops are using Macs. How common. Macs are going to turn into the Hilfiger of portables.

4 Responses to “Still at Reboot”

  1. James says:

    You’re not cool unless you have a Macbook Pro. Seriously though, they’re savage… get one and try out OS X for a month while you’re at it.

  2. aside from Ewan,there are some other really good examples over in scotland of using ICT in the classroom,

    David Noble is a great podcast and
    John Johnston are both really good examples of using blogging and podcasting in the classroom!!!

  3. [blush] Glad you enjoyed the talk – there have been some great speakers. I’ve thought about so much and have new confidence to go forth and do some new stuff! Nice meeting you.

  4. But the real Hilfilger of conference gear slips into side pockets–Moleskine notebooks that were being used by more than 15% in every row I counted.