After the ball is over… post election web usage

Now the election is over and the reflecting has started, I wonder what will happen with the blogs and YouTube videos of so many candidates? Will Frank Chambers still talk to us from his kitchen? Dominic, Thomas, Ciaran and Eric have blogged since the election and here’s hoping they’ll keep going but surely more than that can converse with people digitally?

My own personal worry is that most of those that took the time to stick videos on YouTube and to blog will just consider them to be like other election material such as posters and we’ll see them mothballed until a few months before the next election. I found a good deal of what was on offer to be very educational and it added a lot of perspective. It’d be a shame to see it all disappear. Or maybe there’s now 5 years to slowly wear all the politicians down and chip away at their notions that being upfront and direct and being without a press officer is too risky.

So if you think that politicians should blog and YouTube more, how would you encourage/nudge/elbow them to keep doing it? How would you sell it?

I really hope this chap keeps blogging too. I think it is most encouraging that a Minister blogs.

2 Responses to “After the ball is over… post election web usage”

  1. Damien B says:

    And there’s Dara Calleary – a new candidate who has done some (light) blogging through the campaign and has updated since elected. I would have high hopes for his blog – and Thomas Byrne’s. They’ve both been fairly genuine about their use of the web so far. We’ll just have to see how it fairs come September/October/November and the realities of working as an elected representative.

  2. I’ve been keeping an eye on Ã?ine Brady’s blog which you pointed out pre-election, Damien. In particular the Is the Web fuelling a crisis in politics? post.

    My money is on this blog dying a death. As you say, it is just an election poster. In Brady’s case, she simply does not understand what a blog is. The whole interactive aspect is lost on her. Most frustrating is that, when she does respond to comments, she edits them into the original post, not in comments. It was a long time before I realised this and was assuming she just didn’t do replies.

    Next update in 5 years I reckon. Not worth while pointing my WebMon at the site until then.