Fluffy Links – May 24th 2007

IrishElection.com are still looking for voluntary reporters for count day tomorrow. Sign up if you’ll be around a count centre.

They’ll also be offering free text updates during the day for those people who won’t be near a TV or Radio.

Additionally they have a nice little widget which displays text messages that you send into them tomorrow.

Now to get fluffy.

Bloggorah loves scraps but they didn’t even start this one. The only people that seem to love Rock the vote are themselves. Long time. And that tripe “only” cost 30k. Wow, to get 75k hits on YouTube, it cost them 30k? Here lads and lassies, I can get a video 100k views without any cost. 30k to tell you how. Don’t forget Jim’s great blog piece on this.

Best of luck to Robert Burke who’s leaving Microsoft Ireland. This is his new personal blog. Will you be leaving in the chip in your neck or take it out after you leave Microsoft?

Al Gore’s messy office with a triple giant computer display. Ka riest. I don’t trust neat desks.

The Cork Midsummer Festival really looks good.

Remember C&C Music Factory?

Gonna make you sweat:

Dedicated to Bertie and his finances. Things that make you go hmmm

2 Responses to “Fluffy Links – May 24th 2007”

  1. Rob Burke says:

    Thanks Damien! I’m actually on the kool-aid supplement, rather than the implant, which was still in beta when I joined. I’ll be sure to let you know what it feels like when I let up on my dose! Cheers for the link to the new blog and I will be sure to be reading and in touch. There’s a chance I’ll be down in Cork before I head off in June and I’ll let you know if I’m down there.

  2. Jim Carroll says:

    Cheers for the mention damien – the direct link to the piece, where Mary from RTV is still talking loud, is http://www.ireland.com/blogs/ontherecord/2007/05/21/the-young-folks-versus-the-old-folks/#comments